the best configaration for hd/cdr/dvd/ata100raid

  broggs 17:49 14 Jun 2003

Could anybody recommend the best way to connect up my drives etc.
My mobo is a ms6382v1 with amd xp1600+ 512 ddr

one hard drive 27gig (soon to get a bigger one when funds become available)So possibly two hds.

2 channel ata100 raid card

16x 48x dvd

40x cd writer

Also using Hyperos

Any ideas would be most welcome


  microswift 18:17 14 Jun 2003

Hard drive as primary master on channel one, cd writer as secondary master and dvd as secondary slave on channel two.

  microswift 18:22 14 Jun 2003

If you're thinking of setting up two hard drives in raid configuration then I think the second hard drive has to be secondary master.

  broggs 20:42 14 Jun 2003

thanks microswift I'll try that.
If I use two hd's what is striping and will I benefit from it?

  jazzypop 20:47 14 Jun 2003

RAID basics - click here

  mrdsgs 20:50 14 Jun 2003

striping, also known as Raid 0 means the pc sees the two drives as one larger one and as they are connected by two ide cables they work virtually twice as fast. It works very well.

You have to set up a "Raid array", look at your raid card manual. Make sure the two hard drives are identical, set both as master and put each on a separate ide cable on your raid pci card.

This frees up your normal ide channels for Cd/dvd on one channel or at the moment you could put them on separate channels, or add a zip drive etc.

NB: Make sure you can boot from your Raid array. If you can't boot from it you won't really see the benefit.


  broggs 21:11 16 Jun 2003

Thanks Jazzypop and mrdsgs for your advice...Afew more questions though as I still aint got my head around this raid bit.

"You have to set up a "Raid array", look at your raid card manual. Make sure the two hard drives are identical, set both as master and put each on a separate ide cable on your raid pci card."

By identical do you mean the same make? speed?size?
Does it mean that I have to buy 2 identical drives instead of just buying a larger drive?

What do you mean by booting from my raid array?


  jazzypop 22:24 16 Jun 2003

It is better if they are identical, but not essential. If they are not identical, your rAID array will be restricted to the performance of the lesser drive.

"So far, we've talked about several hard drives, but haven't gone into detail. You should principally set up all RAID modes with similar hard drives, as only then will you get maximum performance.

However, you can also combine different drives, with the smaller or slower drive being the determinant drive for the entire array. For example, one 30 GB and two 40 GB hard drives in RAID 0 will give you a total capacity of 90 GB, which is three times the capacity of the smallest hard drive.

The same applies to the combination of an old 40 GB hard drive with 5,400 rpm with a new model with 7,200 rpm. If you were to use two of the slower drives, the performance level would be the same. Replacing the older disk with a second and faster one would increase the performance."

From the link I gave above - you did notice the links to additional info at the bottom of the page?

  broggs 22:33 16 Jun 2003

I have now...Thanks again jazzypop.

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