Best computers for around £500?

  pigseattruffles 16:30 18 Oct 2004

Im getting £500 for Christmas and i want a good solid machine that will run games like Final Fantasy 11 and Unreal. I also want it to run ProDesktop and photoshop super slick.

Any suggestions would be great so I thank you all in advance.

Also I was considering getting the Apple eMac G4. However i am a little bit confuzed. They cost about £500 but it says that it is a POWER PC but its processor is only 1GH. So how can it be a power pc when the pentium and amd computers of around this price have processors of 3GH.

Any help would be great, thanks. And if any of you know a decent place to get hold of Apple or Windows pcs let me know.


  Diodorus Siculus 16:36 18 Oct 2004

I don't know about gaming or what you will need for those games but if they are fairly recent, £500 will not get a machine with a top class processor. Having said that, ensure that it has an AGP 8x which will be upgradable.

512mb of ram will run photoshop fine.

PowerPC is a type of Mac Processor - generally 1.2ghz PowerPC processors will run at an equivalent of 2.4gh pentium / or 1.8Athlon if I recall correctly.

Remember that Macs use a different OS and are not really gaming machines as are windows based computers.

  bearpot 18:22 18 Oct 2004

If you build your own pc, it will cost a lot less. It will be even cheaper if you get all the parts from a computer fayre. :) It will only cost you £500 and you can have a 3.0 GHZ processor and 512mb of memory will be fine for the games and apps you want to run
good luck::))

  Kypai 18:27 18 Oct 2004

Intel Pentium 4 2.4ghz 533mhz SKT478 1mb cache Retail Boxed Processor
Abit AI7-GURU SKT 478 865PE 800FSB Dual DDR SATA Raid Firewire Sound Retail Box Crucial 512 DDR333 PC2700 DIMM

Hitachi 7K250 Deskstar 160GB ATA100 7200rpm 8mb Cache - OEM
ATI Radeon Fire GL 8800 128MB DVI-I Multi-Monitor Idea MCAD, digital content creation, and 3D game development.
Antec Solution Slk3700amb - System Cabinet - Mid Tower - Atx - Metallic Bronze - Power Supply 350 Watt
Liteon 16x DVD R/RW Dual Layer Internal IDE OEM


That is plenty of hardware for your money.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:37 18 Oct 2004

I meant to say that you will not get a top class grahics card; obviously you will get a decent processor!

  961 19:15 18 Oct 2004


Probably cheapest good quality with backup of a quality that is, pound for pound, up to anybody else

Buy the offer on the web

Take the CRT monitor, 17" will do. Games don't do well on flat panels

You don't need the fastest, newest processor

Don't try to buy latest, fastest graphics card. They cost the earth and to be honest the difference is minimal

512mb memory will do well

Try to resist dayglo transparent cases and exotic cooling. It all costs mega dosh and detracts from the basic machine


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