best colour printer under £100?

  padpc 22:23 21 Apr 2006

Hi. Am a primary school teacher who'd like a colour printer at home for convenience (print about 100 items a week on average: nearly all Word documents).
Recently bought a Kodak LS 743 digital camera, so would like a printer which is compatible with this, fairly cheap to run & good pic quality. I would not print photos that often - perhaps once a month.

Am I expecting too much for that price?

  rmcqua 22:33 21 Apr 2006

This one should do you nicely. It accepts SD type memory cards, which your digital camera uses.
click here

  padpc 09:32 22 Apr 2006


Anyone else able to advise me on decent (but cheap to run) printers with which I can use SD memory card AND USB memory stick?

  FatboySlim71 09:55 22 Apr 2006

I have one of these they are around £80-90 I have had a Epson, Canon, HP printers (HP were utter crap broke after 2 weeks) and I have to say Canons are the best out of them, and I found Canon the cheapest to run as well , the Canon MP130 has a card reader which can read SD cards, I don't know any printer that will read USB memory sticks but you can just insert these into a USB socket on your PC to read them.

This is the Canon MP130 printer click here

The Canon MP130 is cheap as chips for cartridges, check out these prices click here

  Bagsey 16:38 22 Apr 2006

The R240 is an excellent printer and will do what you need. Ink cartridges from click here under a £0.98 each.

  amonra 16:57 22 Apr 2006

If you do buy the R240, stick to Epsom paper. My friend who has that model has done quite a bit of trial and error printing with different makes/grades/finishes and found out that Epsom paper seems to give the best results. Perhaps other members will say different, but that's my 2p worth.

  brickie5 17:00 22 Apr 2006

This is a fantastic printer. Compatible cartriges fom 7dayshop are only 99p each they are also excellent.Print C.D.'s A4,A3 envellopes etc.

  Totally-braindead 18:12 22 Apr 2006

I use Epsons and like them, I'm on my third one now and I like Choicestationery compatibles and Choice paper. Whether its my printer or not I tried Epson paper and the Choice paper side by side and in my opinion the Choice paper was better. What I would advise is try a sample pack from Choice, £4.99 I think it is and buy some Epson paper, compare them and make your own mind up. Perhaps the paper you already have and use will give you good enough results for your normal use but for photos you really need a better paper.
Incidently I bought some Matt photo paper from ALDI this week £2.99 for 200 sheets and have been printing the same photo comparing it to Choices Matt paper which is something like £5.99 for 100 sheets and the Choice paper is definately a lot better BUT its twice the price. Aldi also do a nice line on the Photo Gloss, haven't tried it myself but some people on the Forum seem impressed with it.
By the way if you do go for the R240 I am sure you will be pleased its a nice printer.

  jz 19:02 22 Apr 2006

"HP were utter crap broke after 2 weeks" well, one person's bad experience doesn't mean that they're all like that, you might have been unlucky.

  FatboySlim71 23:46 24 Apr 2006

Did I say they were all like that. All I was doing was giving my experiance. Your making it sound like I have said something that I have not. All I can say is visit this site and see all the complaints about HP printers, Im giving my experiance and trying to help other people decide, after all, thats what this forum is about isnt it ?

  lester1 00:24 25 Apr 2006

Not had a good experience with HP my 840 refused to accept new HP carts 13 months old and out of warranty.

Currently using an Epson Photo R200 with compatable carts from Choice not problems yet (16 months old) good results using cheep photo paper.

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