best buy

  R.C.M. 22:57 16 Apr 2006

I have tried several data recovery programs and some have been more successful than others. If anyone has purchased one of those programs which they would recommend I would be interested in their views.

Many thanks

  De Marcus™ 23:03 16 Apr 2006

Acronis TI 8 or 9.

  R.C.M. 23:28 16 Apr 2006

I have Acronis, but I'm trying to recover deleted files and folders which were either deleted or disappeared during a recent crash

  De Marcus™ 23:42 16 Apr 2006

Oh, sorry, misinterpreted your post. Try Pc Inspector click here

  gudgulf 23:46 16 Apr 2006

I have OnTrack easy Recover pro 6 .......also available via McAfee.

But it it isn't cheap!!!!

click here

click here

click here

  R.C.M. 00:33 17 Apr 2006

As I has said I have tried several trials - but although some do show the photo's name I'm looking for they don't let my view the actual photo. How can I be certain it will recover the actual photo. I'm not worried about the cost as I'm desperate to get those photo's back - but I don't want to throw my money away on a crap program.

  gudgulf 01:26 17 Apr 2006

It's certaqinly not a crap program but if you have carried on using/defragmented or otherwise messed about with the hard drive that has lost/deleted data on it no program is guaranteed to be successful.

If the data is so important then you might need to seel profeessional advice......and we a talking serious money now!

To give you an approximation click here

  rawprawn 07:47 17 Apr 2006

click here Restoration, the best free one I have found.

  VoG II 07:53 17 Apr 2006

Drive Rescue click here

  rawprawn 08:04 17 Apr 2006

I was going to try Drive Rescue, but the link you have given takes me on a loop to pay for packages when I try to download. What am I missing?

  VoG II 08:13 17 Apr 2006

Oops! My usual link is click here

but the site seems to be down and I didn't check the other link that I found on Google.

If anybody would like Drive Rescue please send a message using my yellow envelope. The file is just under 1 MB.

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