best burning software

  leeknight67 21:03 02 Aug 2006

Whats th ebest software for burning dvds? What speed should i burn at for best results?

Cheers Lee

  LABMAN 21:10 02 Aug 2006

Hi Lee, I personally use Nero7 premium and find it very reliable, as for the best speed to burn cd/dvd's thats something trial and error usually sorts out, however using quality discs you shouldn't have many if any problems at maximum speeds.


  rdave13 21:15 02 Aug 2006

I use Ashampoo Burning studios 5. Great bit of software. Version six is available for a thirty day trial I believe click here . Try it and you'll get a discount guaranteed if you like the program. Got mine for eight squids.

  User-312386 21:44 02 Aug 2006

Nero7 premium for me as well

Like LABMAN has said it is trial and error, but using a good quality disc does help. I personally use datawrite discs click here and have now moved over to HP lightscribe discs click here as i have a lightscribe writer

  g0nvs 21:55 02 Aug 2006

Nero 7. Also I never burn at the maximum speed.Ritek discs always work well for me.

  Belatucadrus 23:09 02 Aug 2006
  DieSse 23:31 02 Aug 2006

I'm still using Hero6 - works fine for me, and would cost peanuts these days.

I burn at maximum possible speed always, and can't remember when I last had a dodgy burn - not for a couple of years at least. I've used Traxdata blanks for several years - but recently bought 100 Verbatim at a very good price - they are fine so far too.

I only ever use CD-R and only buy 52x rated 700MB blanks.

  DieSse 23:32 02 Aug 2006

Hero6 - or maybe that was Nero6 ;-))

  DieSse 23:33 02 Aug 2006

Now I see you asked about DVD burning - well never mind, it's late, and whatever - you're welcome to the unasked for CD experience!

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