Best Browser?

  barrie_g 17:11 03 Jul 2003

Having used Internet Explorer scince I started computing a couple of years ago, and seeing various references to Opera and other internet browsers on my visits to this and other forums.

I was just wondering which one forum members would recommend, also noting any pros or cons of each one.

  Lú-tzé 17:18 03 Jul 2003

Mozilla - fast, easily configurable to block ads & popups, good form manager, easy cookie management, easy password management.

I'm just waiting for phoenix/firebird from Mozilla to reach a version one and then will go for it instead.

I used Opera for a while but when Mozilla reached version 0.9 I went with it.

  Terrahawk 17:19 03 Jul 2003

opera fast browser and blocks adds downside still have to use ie from time to time to access some sites click here

  Gaz 25 17:20 03 Jul 2003

Dont anyone say IE. LOL

I go for Opera or Mozilla (but I do not like the names).

  woodchip 17:25 03 Jul 2003

Netscape is supposed to be the fastest overall I have version 7 but use Opera mostly, Netscape and MailWasher for my E-Mail

  barrie_g 17:26 03 Jul 2003

which sites do you have to use IE for as I was more looking forward to being able to download some other browser and the do away with IE as far as possible, ie. deleting all shortcuts and visible references to it.

  woodchip 17:26 03 Jul 2003

PS I have removed IE totally from My comp

glad to see so many recommendations for Mozilla, I only started using it recently and hve been very happy with it. although i spent a considerable amount of sunday downloading the 1.4rc3 only to find that the 1.4final was released on monday.

  soy 17:38 03 Jul 2003

Just installed Netscape 7.1 a couple of days ago and I think its fantastic. It has integrated support for AOL and IRC chat and built in pop-up stopper. Pages loads much faster than Opera.

I have used Opera and Mozilla before but each one of them had little niggles such as drop-down menus not working and pages not looking right. Netscape doesn't seen to have any of those and I'm very happy with it.

Netscape also has an exellent Email client. It looks much nicer than Outlook.

I've already dumped IE and oulook express from my quick launch toolbar(',) becuase I feel its that good (for me anyway).

Give Netscape a try!

  barrie_g 18:31 03 Jul 2003

Ok I've decided to give Mozilla a go for a week or so, and see how it goes I may try the others after that but anyway I think that its going to be a very long time before I use IE again.

  powerless 21:59 03 Jul 2003

Why not?

It isn't the most widely used browswer in the world for no reason.

It suits me just fine ;-)

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