Best broadband supplier????

  grrrr 19:55 04 Dec 2005

OK, I know this is a heated topic, but who do you think the best broadband provider is? I've been with Toucan/Tiscali for the past year and had nothing but trouble - avoid them!!!! I want to switch, and am looking for a company I can trust with reliable and honest customer support, preferably based somewhere in the UK... I don't want to do anything flash - a couple of computers sharing the connection to surf, download music, play a few games etc. I'm thinking of Virgin and their Option 2 - anyone with Virgin? What are they like? I looked at Bulldog, but they've got awful reviews too. Any better suggestions???? Thanx people...

  ade.h 20:02 04 Dec 2005

I've been pretty happy with F2S. Good customer support staff and I have never been unable to connect since the service started a year ago. And there's no contract period.

  kro 01:39 05 Dec 2005

Stay well away from Wanadoo. I made the mistake of joining them last year. It was my first broadband contract and they didn't send me a modem and software. It took six weeks and about ten hour long phone calls before they finally dispatched one - and then it was faulty. But they still managed to charge me for a service I couldn't use for a couple of months. And the speed of the connection was only ever half of that promised. I'm now with Tiscali and the service and connection speed are fine, but you've got me worried now, grrr. What problems did you have?

  grrrr 09:45 05 Dec 2005

LONG, long, long, LOOOOOOOONG story. It was/is my first broadband contract too, which I've now had for a year. After I signed up, it took two months before the service was up and running properly. Like you, they sent me a faulty modem first - and it was only after spending hours on the phone to their technical support in India that they admitted it was their fault and sent me a new one. Then even after getting a new modem, the speed of the connection - supposed to be 1Mbps - was LESS than dial-up! Much less, in fact. It took aeons to sort that problem out, and only after I tracked down a senior management person and phoned him on his mobile... (I used to be an investigative journalist...). Then they charged me the full price for the period when I'd had virtually no service from them at all, which I refused to pay - so they put a black mark on my credit record (used by banks, building societies etc to credit check you). That also took an eternity to sort out. Then, hurrah, the service actually seemed to work as it should. Until three or four weeks ago, when the speed crashed back to 250Mbps - and despite repeated and frequent calls and e-mails to their technical support, and promises it would all be back to normal in 2 days, nothing has been sorted out. Again. It feels like I've spent half my life on the phone or email hassling or being hassled by Toucan, and I would genuinely say it is just not worth it. Fine when you haven't got a problem - but just wait until something goes wrong... And their technical support is based in India, and whatever the problem is they take you step by step through a long list of 'solutions' they have on their computer screen - even when you tell them you spent all yesterday going through exactly the same 'solutions' with another technical support person yesterday... Then they say they'll get back to you, without sorting the problem out, and you never hear from them again. So you eventually phone back, and go through the same rigmarole. It's like being in hell for eternity, only less exciting... But don't let me put you off or anything...

  jbaker65 09:59 05 Dec 2005

I've been with V21 for about two years. There is no contract period, no download limit and it costs £16.99 per month for a 512k speed. The only time I had a problem with the connection they sorted it out and phoned me every day until it was done. I am quite happy with them.

  Stuartli 10:08 05 Dec 2005

That's a lot of money for that speed...:-)

  chub_tor 12:00 05 Dec 2005

f2s gets my vote - 18 months, no problems and £14.99 for 2Mb with 2Gb cap. Now part of Pipex.

  SG Atlantis® 13:27 05 Dec 2005

just a few problems in the 13 months I've been with ntl. On the whole I'm happy, not many offer the 10meg connection I've got!

  Pine Man 13:31 05 Dec 2005

Don't forget Tesco, they have just increased their speed to 1GB and it's still £17.97.

Been with them a year now with excellent speedy service when I joined up and no problems whatsoever since then.

  woodchip 13:34 05 Dec 2005

On BT/NTL Freedom 1mb at £24.99 with free calls not the cheapest but found it Works

  Pine Man 13:35 05 Dec 2005

Tesco is 1MB not 1GB - if only!

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