best broadband router for weak signal?

  rickd 19:30 19 Oct 2006

I can get half meg broadband through a speedtouch 330 modem, but can't get either my Netgear wg834GT modem/router, or an orange livebox to connect/synch. I suspect it's due to a marginal signal (I've tried everything else) as I live about 7km from my exchange. I ran some tests while connected with the speedtouch and I receive 6odb with a margin of 13db, which should be enough I'd have thought to allow me to synch a router.
Various forums suggest some routers are better than others at connecting to a weak signal. Some say the netgear834G is good.
But before I splash out £50, does anyone know if it is actually any better than the GT I already have, or if any other router is better?
Or any advice on workarounds. I've tried networking my other PC's using 1 PC as a gateway, but only one will connect at a time - i.e. I have to disconnect on one PC then connect on another.

  Dipso 20:36 19 Oct 2006

You haven't got a very kind friend with a DG834 that you could test the theory out on? I would lend you mine... ;)

  rickd 21:01 19 Oct 2006

I'm afraid I'm Billy-no-mates at the mo cos I recently moved (which is when/why my broadband woes began). I blame it all on "escape to the country"! I'm on the lookout for a cheap router on ebay, there are some 834's (not the G), but I don't think these are also wireless (which would be handy for my laptop), but if that's all I can try, I'll go for it - any router is better than just the one USB connection.
I'm sure somewhere there's data on what's best at getting a connection, someone must know...

  Dipso 11:16 20 Oct 2006

Yes, the DG834 is the wired version of the DG834G.

I've been digging around and although I can't find any data I found a couple of references to Zyxel routers being good for long lines. The Zyxel P660H in particular click here but again this is wired (the price is much inflated on that site they're about £50). There's a discussion about long lines click here which may be worth a read, again the Netgear comes out favourably.

  rickd 14:16 20 Oct 2006

Cheers for the links Dipso, they make interesting reading. I've contacted Thompson to see what light they can shed on it or recommend, I will research further if the Netgear G is any better than gt, but think I've found a Zyxel which claims to be the best. Will let you know how it all works out.

  Dipso 14:28 20 Oct 2006

No probs, hope you find one that works for you.

FWIW Scan have this Zyxel click here on Today Only for £41.71. Think it's the wireless version of the one I linked too and you get a USB dongle thrown in.

  countryboy 14:33 20 Oct 2006

Have you tried an active filter on your phone line, It helped to solve my problems when I lived in the country.

  rickd 17:18 20 Oct 2006

Active filter? What's this, what does it do? (assuming its different to an ADSL filter)

  countryboy 19:50 20 Oct 2006

Active filter is an adsl filter that gives the signal a boost, useful if you are on the end of a long line.

  rickd 21:22 20 Oct 2006

where do i get one?

  Dipso 23:14 20 Oct 2006

In the absence of a reply click here I presume this is what countryboy means. (Please correct me if I'm wrong).

I have one from click here one of the obvious differences between it and normal filters is it has transistors click here

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