Best Broadband for me

  lindyloo4 10:03 14 Oct 2006

I am fed up with dialup and now want Broadband, but don't know which to choose. My current setup is as follows:-

Computer is at the end of a 20" telephone extention cable on Wanadoo/Orange Anytime.

BT phone line

Sky TV

My son has a laptop and would like a wireless connection.

Any suggestions as to what would be the best for me would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

  Graham. 10:10 14 Oct 2006

You must do your homework. Do you want a capped service (so much a month, have to watch your downloads)? Do you want web space (your own website)?

Have a read click here

  chub_tor 10:11 14 Oct 2006

We all have our favourite supplier - I am with f2s and have been very happy with them for 3 years, but you can get a very useful comparison from this link
click here

  lindyloo4 18:09 14 Oct 2006

Thanks for the links. I've been looking for a while. It's minefield. It looks good then you see problems posted here.
Will keep looking - unless anyone else has any suggestions.

  mobileman1953 18:19 14 Oct 2006

seeing you are a sky customer ask them if sky broadband is in your area yet if it is you can get basic broadband for free or broadband max for £10 per month

  lindyloo4 18:23 14 Oct 2006

Thanks for the suggestion. I've enquired and it's not in my area for a while. Must admit it sounds quite good though.

  €dstowe 18:31 14 Oct 2006

I've been with BT ever since I've been on the Internet - which is quite a few years (eleven?)

I have no complaints about them or their service. I am equipped with the latest home and business Internet technology and kept informed of all developments they make.

They may not be the cheapest but I think they are the most reliable and best at offering a consistent service. Remember that most of the Internet in the UK is supplied through BT cabling so by going direct to them, you are cutting out at last one middleman.

  futurekid 18:39 14 Oct 2006


I am with wanadoo/orange and they already offer a wireless broadband option for £17.99/monthly it also includes free phone calls after 6 pm and all day saturday and sunday.

Its called wireless and talk and you get a livebox with the package

  lindyloo4 18:45 14 Oct 2006

Hubby has been favouring BT for that very reason and my son Telewest. How would I sort the wireless element out that my son wants for his laptop. I'm really can't get my head round it.

  lindyloo4 18:47 14 Oct 2006

Sorry posted before I'd finished
Wanted to say thanks to Futurekid too for your input.

  Fingees 18:58 14 Oct 2006

I was with wanadoo for years, but I personally don't like Orange, even though I have no complaints against them.

I am now with BT, and so far,so good.

With Bt, you can also use special wireless hotspots around the country, free for period of initial contract. Handy if you have a laptop.

All the best.

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