Best Broadband Connection Speeds

  Floristgimp 13:56 16 Jan 2012

Which of the following options would give the best connection speed?

My desktop computer and my wife's laptop are both about 6 or 7 meters away from the main BT phone point, with no walls etc in between, the phone point has the bog standard SKY modem/router plugged into it which both computers are wirelessly connected to.

Would there be any improvement in connection speed if :

  1. I fitted a long phone cable from the main BT point to put the modem/router next to the computers and connected them by ethernet cable.

  2. I left the modem/router next to the phone point on a short phone line and fitted a long ethernet cable to each computer.

  3. I binned the SKY modem/router and bought something better to sit next to the main phone point and connected the two computers to it wirelessly.

  4. Something very exotic that I haven't thought of?

Your thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated, though don't get overly technical as my skill levels and technological language levels are probably described as medium! Cheers.

  difarn 15:39 16 Jan 2012

Have you experimented with this? Wireless can be subjected to all sorts of interference causing a reduction in speed.

I have experimented with my own set-up and have found that having the router plugged into the BT socket with a metre-length cable and our desktop PC's connected to that with ethernet cables gives higher speeds than running them wirelessly. Have also tried this with laptops. I do also have 3 laptops that operate wirelessly and they function well but not at the same speed as the two desktops.

Option 2 is certainly better than Option 1. Running your modem from the Master Socket is always recommended for the highest speeds. I would also always recommend using an Ethernet cable over wireless as it is far more reliable.

As for Option 3, Sky do not allow the use of 3rd party modems/routers unfortunately. There are ways to hack your current modem to get your login details, but the results can't be guaranteed.

  anniesboy 10:23 17 Jan 2012

I have a similar situation, I used homeplugs which saved using long ethernet cables. I used these as it allows for three PCs to be connected . Other options are possible

  adumapul 07:53 21 Jan 2012

I think option 2 is better.

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