best broadband ?

  sallyr 18:43 28 May 2004

Any ideas on the best broadband to use, any companies to avoid big time?? Grateful for any advice Sally r

  TommyRed 18:49 28 May 2004

Compare your shortlist click here . I use PlusNet who always do well in the comparisons, also look for good customer service. If you have problems nothing worse than trying to converse in Punjabi I find. Nothing against Punjabi's mind, make cracking ruby's. HTH TR

  grayhair 20:07 28 May 2004

im useing telewest blueyonder for a while now no problem at all 1mb £35 a month just give me a free up grade to 1.5mb not bad and there customer servics is good

  TommyRed 22:12 28 May 2004

I've also heard that Zen, Pipex and Blueyonder are all ok. I got PlusNet 'cos being disabled I couldn't afford one off costs for modems etc and PlusNet did a package where all that was included. I know that a few others are doing similar things now, I've only been on BB for a few months but up until now I've been very happy with the service I've received. HTH TR

  csqwared 22:32 28 May 2004

I've just gone with Wanadoo after using them (as Freeserve Anytime) for some time with dial-up. The package I'm using is a 512k connection with a 2gb bandwidth limit per month for £17.99 (includes connection and modem). So far highly delighted. If your not sure what 2gb gives in terms of usage have a look at the Wanadoo web site for info. You can buy the kit from Curry's, PC World etc.


  Quiller. 00:22 29 May 2004

I think most people with a B.B. connection are going to promote their service. The switch from dial-up to B.B. from the download / upload angle is tremendous.

Where I live ADSL is months away but a group of us decided to get satellite B.B. It needs only 15 people to sign up to enable it. Costs are reasonable, I will come to this later, installation at £150 and then £29.99 a month.

What it gives me is 5 static I.P. addresses, this means that I can have 5 machines running at the full bandwidth, at present I have 3. The main computer and two laptops. there is no need to setup a network or a WiFi system as they all have there own I.P. addresses. Living in a hotspot negates the use of a network.

All machines receive a 2Mb connection and most downloads are in the 500Kbps to 150Kbps ratio. this morning I downloaded xp SP2 beta at 260+Mb. This took about 16 mins to download. The avarage I think was about 250Kbps. The speed can be blistering fast. click here

Because I do not need a modem and router. These costs are taken out of the equation. I think that a straight 2Mb connection would cost me around £35-£40 per month. The fact that I am receiving 3 full connections for less than £30 a month and the potential of two more for free, well I am more than pleased. My two sons with their laptops can browse at full bandwidth with out slowing down my machine.

  billyliv 00:54 29 May 2004

Hi, If you can get it in your area, NTL cable broadband is Tops. Cheers, Bill

  VoG II 00:55 29 May 2004

Blueyonder (cable).

  end 01:14 29 May 2004

not wishing to "put a spanner in the works", but, ???is this actually allowed here??; umm, aint it "against the rules"???.....
( "any companies to avoid big time"); is that "cricket"????

  Simon_P 01:28 29 May 2004

Blueyonder from Telewest.
OK not the cheapest you can get, But you get what you pay for, it is excellent

A Note about satellite BB

Although the download speeds can match ADSL or cable, it is a simplex (one way) connection as opposed to duplex.(two way)ADSL and cable
This means that the transmission is one way therefore you can only upload/e-mail etc using a dialup connection (I am sure that I am right about that)

I am happy to stand corrected on that.

  Quiller. 09:11 29 May 2004

This is slightly different to ones who have a satellite dish pointing straight at the satellite.

Upload is at 512Kbps. click here

Although probably not what sallyr is looking for. It does show to others, who have no chance of broadband, that if there is a small group (15) who are desperate to get B.B. It can be done.

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