Best brand of DVDR for reliable burn/lastability!?

  theDarkness 10:13 16 Aug 2006

I'd like to know what most people recommended as a good reliable brand that gives a decent burn rate and lastability? Im sure cheap spindles from the popular/biggest brands probably arent the best, eg Sony, Philips etc. Although one bad disc out of ten probably isnt bad- at least for the money.. most known brands are probably easy to scratch/damage being made on the cheap.

Ive heard about darker dyes being generally good quality, eg absorbing more light and so giving a better burn, although the type of dye being used is no doubt a big factor as well with lastability. Ive heard that some of the darker dyes dont work well with older or cheaper dvd drives though, and that more popular brands may even burn better for some people, even if lighter dyes are used, so thats probably where most people end up arguing over which is best.

Most big brands I bet get multiple manufacturers to make their discs, so working out which is always best is no doubt impossible. Searching on google, Taiyo Yuden, according to many websites, have good blank printable cds and dvds, but I dont think they use the darkest dye. I'm not sure on the type of dye used though, and have never tried them. I usually just stick to the cheapies! The rest (such as TY above) are hard to find here anyway if not bought over the net, and (perhaps unfortunately!) PC World lures me in only being at the bottom of the road...

what does everyone else recommend?

  sirreaoscar 10:53 16 Aug 2006


  Dizzy174 11:06 16 Aug 2006

I personaly use Ritek with the G05 dye but check this out

click here

  johnnyrocker 11:08 16 Aug 2006

i also have a liteon but it is a matter of individual preferences.


  spuds 11:19 16 Aug 2006

Some products are re-badged, and as such, may not always give exact results. Places like SVP and BigPockets usually provide specifications and recommendations with special promotional discounts, and are well worth considering as a supply source.

  rodriguez 11:55 16 Aug 2006

I use Emtec (which used to be called BASF) and none of them have failed and I'm near the end of the 100 pack.

  theDarkness 13:24 16 Aug 2006

thanks everyone, cheers for the link- according to that site you link to (cdr zone) Sony make good discs, guess I may have been wrong with them, Id of thought theyd of taken the cheapest manufacturing route of using the lowest materials to make the most money, as they did with the playstation 2 perhaps, haha :)

I usually use Philips and always dvd minus discs as I think minus is the most compatible. It doesnt seem to matter which brand I usually use, with dvds in my case one out of just over ten discs or so do not burn correctly, not sure whether thats acceptable or not as an average? My dvd drive is around 4 yrs old, and although supposedly compatible with both formats ive never tried to burn enough dvd minus disc to compare- I hear that they arent compatible with every pc or dvd drive anyway.

Does anyone know if the premium brands from that link (Taiyo Yuden, Sony, Ricoh, Verbatim, Panasonic) live up to their name and sell at ridiculously high prices individually compared to the rest, or if they can come in reasonable priced spindles of 25 which I always purchase? :O -! I usually go for the philips spindles that are around £10 if I remember...

  johndrew 14:23 16 Aug 2006

Nothing wrong with Phillips DVD-R or +RW I use both with no failures. Mitsubishi are a good brand as well - not cheap though.

  Jak_1 14:40 16 Aug 2006

I use Tesco's, they are made in Taiwan but not sure of the manufacture. Only burning probs I had with them was my own fault by not altering the burning program from cd to dve, lol.

  johndrew 16:59 16 Aug 2006

If you want to save abit of money keep an eye on Maplins click here they often have clearance deals and online is often cheaper than the store.

  SG Atlantis® 17:05 16 Aug 2006

I use a philips drive and one that came with the comp. I think's it's a liteon, both dvd-rw. I use infiniti disks and never had a coaster yet.

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