best blog site for my needs....some advice plz

  square eyes 11:30 31 Jul 2009

Hi there,

I apologize for double post as ive put this in website design but had no response but wanted to get an answer today.

I want to get a blog site started on behalf of my mother but i just dont know which one to start.
(Its quite important for her to get stuff off her chest that went on for several years, so i have to do this for her.)

I have used windows live spaces before and found it to be very good but whenever i search "best blog sites" it isn't even listed.

She will need to type lots of text, (dating back to 5 years ago), upload several pictures and large videos of 30 minutes long,(I am able to re-encode videos to fit size requirements)
but most importantly needs to be found in search engines so her blog will be easy to find using key words. This is why i need to pick the right one.
Im now confused, is it her own website she needs or just a blog site? Would it be best to pay or can i get plenty of webspace for free?

Thanks very much for any info, we will both be very gratefull

  accordion 17:22 31 Jul 2009

Pictures and large videos are not blogging really. Especially the large videos.

You aren't going to get free web space for those, t would be better to look for a suitable hosting company for a personal web site. Make sure that you check with the supplier about the need for large videos. You should also check with your ISP because streaming or downloading video files is going to use up bandwidth.

What is her target 'audience' for the videos? If it is limited to family and friends, then it might be better to post them a DVD.


  square eyes 19:31 31 Jul 2009

Thank you Dave for replying.

Well, it would be a a blog as the main subject would be text but with videos and pictures to accompany it. They are five 30 minute tv programs. I am looking into but i think they are now using youtube for their video outlets but are saying they can only be 10 minutes long? Her audience would be anyone and everyone. I'll describe briefly....She was badly let down by her council in Wales and as a result was harassed by her neighbours. It was a very serious failing within the authorities but as things have settled down now i think she wants to get it "out there". She was going to write a book but now i think she'd rather get it on the internet. If there is no way of streaming or uploading those videos to people the free way, then maybe she can pay to have her own website. I suppose the videos aren't essential but it would good to have them. Id be up for building a website for her but it would be a challenge for me as never done that before.


  accordion 22:42 31 Jul 2009

If she was to stick to simple blogging, then maybe something like Twitter would meet the needs. A web site would be a waste for somebody just airing their grievances. People would probably not be that interested.

If the TV programmes are recorded, it would be illegal to upload to anywhere.


  accordion 22:43 31 Jul 2009

PS - emailing the blog to people and asking them to share it around will probably be highly effective. Forget the listing in search engines.

  square eyes 23:11 31 Jul 2009

Thankyou Dave, I had forgotten about twitter. I will look into that. At the moment im playing around with blogger and have managed to upload a video to it. Im just working out if i can upload as many videos as i want aslong as they are under 100mb, if i can then blogger will do the trick. No, its important to her that its publicly reachable through google search, but im struggling to make that work at the moment.
For example, "blabla council problems" would be a likely title for her blog so anyone that types that into google would see her the aim.
As far as the videos are concerned, they were dedicated to my mother's situation and ITV sent her original copies so i think shes allowed, but i WILL double check that, Thanks

  Sea Urchin 12:36 01 Aug 2009

Videos will be ITV's copyright

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