Best avi. player?

  Goatee 17:03 28 Jan 2003

Hi there

I've got a couple of avi. files to play.

What free software would you suggest for optimum playback?

Cheers :)

  Lú-tzé 17:26 28 Jan 2003

Windows Media player 9 - I was totally against WMP until recently but this latest version really is good - sound, image etc. A hefty download for 56k modems (about 13mb unless you use win XP when it is about 9mb) but well worth it.

  Goatee 23:43 28 Jan 2003

Hi :) Thanks for that.

I've downloaded MP9 but I'm afraid it didn't work. Its definately an .avi file I want to play. I'm assuming I need a more specialised player with the appropriate plugin.

I will look into it.


  Stuartli 23:45 28 Jan 2003

Have you ensured that the configuration has been set to include all audio and video files?

  Goatee 23:49 28 Jan 2003

Yep. During installation I selected MP9 as the defualt player for all audio and video files. The .avi file does open but I only get the sound and not the picture. ???

Thanks :)

  Lú-tzé 07:57 29 Jan 2003

It sounds as if the avi file did not encode properly - do a search on your pc and there may be some other avi files there - if so, see if they play for you.

  Lú-tzé 08:01 29 Jan 2003

click here

for info re the codecs you need installed.

  Goatee 15:17 29 Jan 2003

Hello again

Thanks for your help, Lu-tze. Its much appreciated.

I have now solved the problem by installing the Nimo Codec Pack - click here

This has worked wonders, well impressed with the results. However, I have read that some people have experienced problems after installed this codec pack. If anyone would like to install these codecs then I have a list of elements which should be selected from the custom install menu to avoid problems.

Thanks again :)

  wing-zero 15:27 29 Jan 2003

or you can download divx player

click here

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