best antivirus , firewall , spyware remover

  pinpin 01:23 06 Sep 2005

i been using alot of antivirus , firewall and spyware scanner ,,

may i ask about opinions for the -best antivirus
-best firewall
-best spyware scanner

i guess alot share with me same dialema ,, i hear it alot from my friends and i don`t have enough experience to judge ...


  johnnyrocker 01:38 06 Sep 2005

avg free adaware spy bot spyware blaster all available from click here

have fun.


  pinpin 01:48 06 Sep 2005

thanks for the website but i am not looking for average ones , i want the best even if its not free ,
just the name of the best among them , i heared that trend pc-cillin is the best antivirus but not sure ,,
and firewall , spyware ??

  johnnyrocker 01:52 06 Sep 2005

there is not a best and asking the question in this forum will be very similar to asking in a motoring forum what is the best four door, i pointed you to that which comes highly recommended in these forums and if you want to spend money crack on


  Belatucadrus 01:53 06 Sep 2005

Anti Virus:- avast! home

Firewall :- Kerio

Best anti spyware move is to use Firefox and Spywareblaster.

click here

  pinpin 01:57 06 Sep 2005

I just like to share this as funny , when friend is telling me about trend he is saying :

Very light at the machine and its Piff Paff ....

  pinpin 02:19 06 Sep 2005

well i guess i got lucky tonight and i found the solution by chance for antivirus at least ,,,

here is the link with answers and according to them the best antivirus is Bet-Defender and Pc-Cillin , very nice comparison there

click here

  pinpin 02:35 06 Sep 2005

For firewall and spyware here is the links

Best Firewall : Zone Alarm pro
Best Spyware remover : Spyware Eliminator

and here is the links

click here

click here

Thanks for every body

  Icky 07:34 06 Sep 2005

I use this anti-virus programand am very pleased.
Reviews are very good.

click here

  DieSse 14:34 06 Sep 2005

Best AV by far is NOD32. Fast, unmatched detection rates and history, fast, small, frequent update, unmatchd heuristics for unknown viruses.

You pay yearly and you get ALL the updates - none of the 2004/2005/2006 version nonsense.

  spuds 18:10 06 Sep 2005

Stick any or all of these on your computer, you will then have a good protection plus safe system, providing that you keep them updated. a2squared click here AdAware click here SpyBot click here SpywareBlaster click here Firewall Zonealarm click here Antivirus click here or Avast click here [use only one firewall and antivirus programme, otherwise you may have confliction problems].

The best part, all the above are freeware with regular updates.

If you are getting fed up with spam K9 click here Mailwasher click here

Clean out your rubbish CCleaner click here

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