Best AMD Processor for upgrade into AM2NF6G mb

  Elkopop 13:07 03 Jul 2009

Any ideas out there for the best processor I can get that is accepted by this motherboard, at present comp has 8800gs video card 4mb ram and Athlon 64 3500+ processor modest budget say £75 tops thought maybe the best twin core processor around, any thoughts as to proc or upgrade in general would be most grateful. Thanks for reading

  mrwoowoo 19:08 03 Jul 2009

The best CPU that i can find for that board seems to be this one.

click here

  ambra4 07:23 04 Jul 2009

Not to sure if this is the model of your motherboard AM2NF6G-VSTA

CPU Support List

click here

  Elkopop 17:31 04 Jul 2009

Thanks Mrwoowoo that looks a great option, have tried to find the processor and motherboard compatability on ASRock site to double check did you see anything to confirm ok?
Also thanks ambra4 for that link, sadly cant see the one recommended by Mr woowoo on your link giving the list of processors for that motherboard which indeed was the right motherboard that you queried above. thanks

  mrwoowoo 19:44 04 Jul 2009

It's not on the support list but any socket AM2 or AM2+ CPU should be ok.
The best i can find that is on the support list kindly supplied by amrra 4 is this one.
click here

  mrwoowoo 19:46 04 Jul 2009

Sorry.I meant ambra4

  mrwoowoo 22:24 05 Jul 2009

This ones not bad at all,but you will need an operating system on top of your budget.
click here

  Elkopop 19:39 10 Aug 2009

Still trying to decide on this upgrade between AMD 64x2 6400 or AMD fx 7850 are there any backward compatible cpus that would be even better, mainly to be used for gaming,maybe a false economy to keep this motherboard and accept the cpu restriction for AM2 socket but as usual trying to do it all on a budget and expecting perfection!! The 6400 appears to be faster,better for overclocking? more power hungry and also hotter not sure of the 7850 advantages between the two having looked at different reviews for the 7850, want to push system for gaming will run in coolermaster 690 so cooling is good with a 8800gts card 4gb mem at present.Any further thoughts would be great.-thanks.

  GaT7 23:11 14 Aug 2009

Well, from the CPU-support list the 7850 is not going to be compatible. I would try it in the motherboard (with the latest BIOS installed) if I had one at hand, but wouldn't take the chance of buying a new one that might well be non-returnable for a full refund.

As you're presently using a single-core 3500+, pretty much any mid-range dual-core would be a good step up. So drop the 6400/6000 aspirations for now (too expensive for minimal gain) & try to get a 5000-5600 or near that range. From £43-50:

* 5200+ click here - as OEM, will require a separate cooler
* 5200+ click here - as retail, will come with a cooler
* 5600+ click here - as OEM, will require a separate cooler

Only the new range of AMD CPUs (7850 included) are really worth overclocking. And you'll need a reasonably good after-market cooler for this. G

  Elkopop 11:44 15 Aug 2009

Thanks Crossbow, only yesterday I went for a 7850 (mainly on cost) should receive within a week, will add a post confirming whether compatable? :( One of my sons has had a 5600 for 12 months and it has been very good but just wanted to see what might be better keeping within a sensible budget, given that the 5600 has been around a while- thanks for replying.

  Ossos 20:14 27 Oct 2009

So, did the Motherboard accept the 7850 CPU? I´m kind of in an akward situation too.

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