Best alternative to Windows Media Player?

  quaggydog 10:42 12 Aug 2006

Which is the best freeware alternative to Windows Media Player? I currently use Musicmatch v7.5 (which I paid for). Is there a free alternative that would be as good or better?

  €dstowe 10:44 12 Aug 2006

Do you have a particular reason not to use the Microsoft offering? It's free and quite comprehensive.

  ArrGee 10:51 12 Aug 2006
  rdave13 11:22 12 Aug 2006
  spuds 11:26 12 Aug 2006


  rdave13 11:54 12 Aug 2006

If you don't want to pay a one off fee then click here

  quaggydog 12:37 12 Aug 2006

Could anyone actually recommend one... with its pros and cons. E.g. which one has the most comprehensive features.
One useful feature of musicmatch which I would like to be able to replicate is the ability to generate CD covers from album art. Can any of them do this?

  ArrGee 12:42 12 Aug 2006

Just out of interest, how comes you don't want to stick with MusicMatch?

  ArrGee 12:51 12 Aug 2006

Not sure if this will do the trick on iTunes under Windows, but could be worth a punt.
click here

  quaggydog 14:44 12 Aug 2006

1. Why not use WMP?
a) I can't rip my CDs into mp3 format.
b) The library viewing options are limited (in particular sorting)
c) I find it to be quite "big and clunky"

2. Why not MusicMatch?
The CD burner is a little flakey... nothing really serious, just a bit unstable and slightly user-unfriendly.

  ade.h 14:51 12 Aug 2006

a) It can rip in MP3 - here's where that setting can be found: click here

b) Try WMP11. Very good, much improved library system for albums.

c) ??

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