Best AGP Graphics Card

  kwertyuk 17:24 26 Jul 2006

I know AGP is dying out, but Ive only got a year before i go to uni, so i dont want to spend loads upgrading my whole PC / motherboard to PCI-E.

So basically what is the best AGP card available for a mid-range price - roughly £150.

  Totally-braindead 19:29 26 Jul 2006

The 7800 would be the best Nvidia one but its probably £30-40 above your budget. For the price you could get a 6600GT for less than £100 or a 6800 for a about £120. I'm afraid I don't know about the ATI equivalents.
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  citadel 19:42 26 Jul 2006

I have a 6800 and it plays oblivion ok in high detail and hdl.

  gudgulf 19:43 26 Jul 2006

A 6600GT or 6800 would be the best choice as they support Pixel shader 3.0.

Bear in mind neither are really powerful enough to run at high settings with PS 3.0 effects on,but you can at least see all the goodies and effects.

Ati really don't have much to compete but if you can find one of the X800 series cards at a reasonable price they are plenty powerful enough for your purpose( I use an X800XT).They don't have Pixel shader 3.0 support but will play all the latest games no problem at decent settings.You could consider an X1600pro but these get poor reviews

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  kwertyuk 22:04 26 Jul 2006

Is the X800GTO (on that link you gave) as good, better or worse than an X800XT. And what are differences ?

  kwertyuk 22:06 26 Jul 2006

^^^ also the X800 Pro

  gudgulf 22:24 26 Jul 2006

The X800GTO has 12 pixel pipelines open....the XT has 16.

So the XT is more powerful........nevertheless the GTO model is a 256Bit memory interface which puts it in the same league as the 6800GS.

The 6600GT has a 128bit memory interface but runs at high clock/memory speeds.

The memory interface is not the same thing as amount of graphics card memory.

To put things in to perspective.

I don't know what the rest of your pc specifications are but I'm assuming it is reasonably powerful,say Athlon 2.8+/P4 2.8GHz with 512MB ram.

You will be running games at around 1024x768 or 1280x1024 with that sort of spec and ANY of the cards mentioned.

The 6600GT will cope well with that until you add Anti-aliasing and/or anisotrophic that point you will fing the 6800GS ot X800GTO will pull ahead.They have more processing power for the high quality settings.

The 6600GT is around 20-30% faster than an ATI 9800pro card so is an excellent replacement for one of those.

A 6800GS or X800GTO will be upwards of 50% quicker and the difference will be more marked as you increase the quality/resolution.

You wont be dissapointed with any of the cards mentioned.

  kwertyuk 00:02 27 Jul 2006


I found this

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is it the best AGP for around £150 or can i find better?

  kwertyuk 23:02 27 Jul 2006


  gudgulf 23:56 27 Jul 2006

That looks will keep you going until you update the whole pc.

Just one thing......the earlier X800pro VIVO was unlockable.That is you could BIOS flash it to get the full 16 Pixel Pipelines......errrrr.....just like mine started out as an X800pro VIVO.It's now an X800XT (wouldn't take XT-PE speeds).

I don't believe this to be possible with most X850's but you never know!

Nevertheless with 500/500 clock speeds you wil see good performance from that will definitely see a big increase over your previous card.

As to whether you will find better...probably not. might find the cheaper GTO model will run at the same speeds as the pro you have linked to.

Think I would go for the GTO and spend the money saved on a new game!

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