Best advert position on a Blog?

  chris6891 13:10 02 Jul 2008

Hi all, looking for some advice and discussion surrounding the placement of adverts on blogs or any other similar site layout.

Over the last month or so I've been working on a new blog (hope it's ok to post links, please see: click here) The blog is based on what I personally find interesting being a student, and contains some guides and news.

The site recieved around 150-200 unique visitors a day and runs Google Adsense ads. There is one large skyscraper advert down the right hand side, with square adverts within some longer posts to break them up a little.

Since my site recieves relatively little traffic, it's hard to see the benefit of changing ad positions as I only recieve a couple of clicks a day anyway.

So, please share your experiences and advice on advert placement in blogs, or similar websites.

Thanks, C.

  Patr100 18:23 02 Jul 2008

Some studies I've read of show that visitors scan and easily develop banner ad blindness so placing the ads well within the actual text or content of the site eg between paragraphs or sections going down the page - while aesthetically poor from a design point of view - from a see/click/convert aspect - may be more effective so you blur the distinction a little between your content and ad but I stress , do not deceive or mislead anyone into clicking them.

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