Bent pins on my video cable. Help please :?

  Catherine_H 04:45 20 Apr 2012

I have quite an old monitor, an HP Pavillion f1723. Today I was trying to plug the monitor cable into the computer and I have accidently bent some of the pins at the end of the video cable. The monitor itself is working fine but of course, I am not able to view anything on it because I now cannot attatch the monitor. I cannot align the pins back into place either :/ As the video cable is attached to the back of the monitor, I am not sure if I can buy another cable to replace it. Does this mean that I will have to buy a new monitor? Or are there other ways that I can view my computer's desktop, through maybe my TV monitor, for example?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated, Cat

  eedcam 05:45 20 Apr 2012

Is this the type cabling4less or your local pc shop

  KRONOS the First 06:59 20 Apr 2012

What do you mean by the video is attached to the back of the monitor? Do you mean that it cannot be detached from the monitor? Do you have the old style monitor? A CRT like the old style TV's? Not a flat screen? I think if my memory serves the video cable is permanently attached. If that is the case then you are long overdue to move in to flat screens, as you will not be able to repair the cable on the CRT,which can be had for very little cash dependent on size.

  onthelimit1 08:55 20 Apr 2012


I have a relatively old flat screen, and the cable is an integral part.

Catherine - You may be able to straighten the pins with small needle-nosed pliers. If not, it's a new monitor.

  Diemmess 09:21 20 Apr 2012

Quit while you are ahead!

Bent pins can be straightened with suitable pliers and careful work, but they are very brittle and will snap very easily.

Worse, if you plug your cable back in and a pin is still not right, there is a very strong possibility that the pin will break and stay stuck in the socket at the back of your computer where it may be impossible to remove.

  KRONOS the First 09:45 20 Apr 2012


I agree about the ease of which it is possible of breaking a pin. To be honest it is possible to pick up a used monitor for sweeties these days.

  Diemmess 10:41 20 Apr 2012

Try a Freecycle group in your vicinity or even a local repair or sales shop. Most people have moved on to a flat screen so there are still many of the old hefty CRT monitors lurking in roof spaces or a garage.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:45 20 Apr 2012

Or are there other ways that I can view my computer's desktop, through maybe my TV monitor, for example?

one of these will connect to your flat screen TV VGA port

and this one for sound although you may need longer.

Check the connections on the rear of the TV before buying.

  onthelimit1 16:32 20 Apr 2012

Secondhand LCD monitors sell regularly for a tenner on ebay. I know - I've bought two!

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