Benq wireless keyboard

  seagulls 13:56 20 Feb 2005

Has anyone had any experience of the Benq RF Cordless Air Touch Elite keyboard and mouse?

Brought one last week after reading positive reviews on Amazon that suggested for £9.99 this was a bargain. When delivered, the receiver and the mouse would not talk to each other. Fair play to Benq - within 48 hours they had delivered a new set. Problem now is that the new mouse works fine but now the new keyboard and receiver will not talk to each other!!!!!

I have tried installing on more than one PC, changed the batteries all to no avail. Am I doomed to spend the next couple of weeks sending them back and forth to Benq until they send me a set where the receiver speaks to both the mouse and the keyboard or does anyone have any bright ideas?

  sinbad1 15:15 20 Feb 2005

My cordless mouse and keyboard has a small hole on the underside which you depress using a small pointed scewdriver and then press the button on the receiver unit to enable them to talk to the
i have to do this with both mouse and keyboard to make them work.
hope this is of some help, mine is a packard bell but you may have simular type of activation.

  Taff36 08:22 21 Feb 2005

I have a Benq but possibly not the same model. First move the receiver as far away from the computer as the cable will allow. You may be getting interference from the computer box. (I have this problem with my laptop and a logitech set up) Then press the receiver button which should start flashing, followed by the button on the underside of the keyboard.(Repeat if necessary for the mouse)

The only other thing is to check that the batteries in the keyboard are correctly inserted and seated securely. It would be desperately unlucky to have two keyboards from different sources that were faulty.

  sinbad1 18:05 21 Feb 2005

The seagulls like the keyboard is not responding?

  seagulls 22:17 21 Feb 2005

Sinbad and Taff,

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately already tried them all without success. Spent most of this evening trying to get the keyboard to work on 3 different PCs, but not a flicker while the mouse is fine with all of them. Guess it means ringing Benq again in the morning!

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