Belkini Router

  swanny2 13:23 23 Oct 2007

I Purchased a Router a few months ago,for my son too use his laptop,Now he hasnt used his laptop in a few weeks,and when i went too connect the router too my Desktop an the router,it doesnt pick the interrnet5 up now?
It did tell me it cant recognize the flash stick or something,now i havent altered anything on the router or my pc since we last used it..Int too the shop where we bought t,and thesaid i had too ring a Belkini helpline,that they gave me ,but everytime i ring this numberr.i get some guy saying please ring my mobile phone number,Icant ring from homa mobile,and i dont have a Mobile,
Cn any1 help please as me son needs too get on the net for his ollege work,..

  swanny2 14:38 23 Oct 2007

We are both running Windows xp.
Its tellim me a Flas Drive cannot be Detected ,yet its in the Laptop,ive no idea. :O(

  swanny2 15:49 23 Oct 2007

Ihave been onto Belkin for 2 hours they told me how reset and all that ,now the laptop wont find a network .Ineed too turn the wireless Switch On? but where do i find this on me sons laptop

  Zaphod 3 16:28 23 Oct 2007

What make is the laptop?

  Forum Editor 19:31 23 Oct 2007

I'm assuming that this router is a wireless model.

1. Have you connected your router to your ADSL phone line?

2. Then connected it to a power supply?

3. Then connected it to your PC, using the LAN cable that came with it?

4. Followed the instructions to set up the router with your ISP username and password?

If you have done all that you should be able to connect to the internet on your machine. You can see that all is well by watching the lights on the router - they'll tell you when it is connected to the internet.

Presumably your son's laptop has a built-in wireless adapter - in which case Windows XP will offer you the router when the wireless adapter finds it. If that's not happening, and you're sure that the router is within range, and you can connect to the internet on your machine, something's obviously wrong. Confirm your answers to all my questions and we'll take it from there.

  swanny2 19:42 23 Oct 2007

cheers mate
Yes everything is ok its got built in Wreless on the laptop.only thing its sayin now is,that connection cant be made as its locked on the laptop.There is no switch at the side of the siemens Amilo laptop that he has.
Once i can get this on it should work . Belkin said everything is okith the router.just the laptop

cheers again .

  swanny2 20:16 23 Oct 2007

This is weeird Belkin set everythin up too me router belkin 54g (if thats the name of the router not sure.)
But the router isnt connected too my desktop and unplugged.But i just searched for a connection,and it said.
Belkin 54g is a unsecured wireless network, do you want too connect anyway,i clicked yes,and now the laptop has gone online..
Idont understand this.
Help plz.. lol

  Forum Editor 20:21 23 Oct 2007

to any computer. Once you have done the initial setup using the LAN cable that Belkin supplied you can unplug it (the cable). It won't affect the laptop - that will connect to the internet wirelessly, via the router, even if the PC isn't turned on.

The PC would also connect wirelessly, if it had a wireless adapter, but if that's not the case it can only connect of you plug the LAN cable into both PC and router.

The router makes the connection to your broadband service itself - no computer needs to be involved in that, once the initial setup has been completed.

  swanny2 20:43 23 Oct 2007

So ure saying the router doesnt need too be plugged in either?
Because its not plugged in. yet the laptop connects too the net..

  Quiller. 20:48 23 Oct 2007

you have the laptop connected to the router and hopefully the PC. You should think about securing your computers and your internet connection.

The network you scanned and picked up i.e." Belkin 54g is a unsecured wireless network " will be visible to anyone with a mobile device within range of your router.

You should really make this router secure. It is quite easy to do and many can guide you through the settings.

If you want to secure the router then make another post and just say you want to make your belkin router secure.

  Quiller. 20:53 23 Oct 2007

" yet the laptop connects too the net.. "

That is because the router is transfering a wireless signal around your house and probably beyond. The wireless device in your laptop is picking up this signal and connecting you to the internet.

" So ure saying the router doesnt need too be plugged in either? "

If the desktop PC had a wireless device fitted, then you would not have to connect that PC to the router with a wire, also. A WiFi PCI card or a usb WiFi dongle could make your large PC wirefree also.

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