Belkin54g, anyone got one? i need your help

  tamarin 15:36 12 Apr 2006

Ok so here's my problem:

I have a Belkin 54g wireless router and the other day i created a 128bit WEP code for it using the Passphrase -> Hex generator page thingy. Thing is, the passphrase i entered was 11 characters long and now i see that it has to be 13. I didn't take note of the hex that it spat out before i applied the changes and now i can't acquire an IP address from the router or do anything.

Would someone be so kind as to go into the configuration page of the belkin54g router and enter the passphrase i entered and let me know the hex equivalent? It would make me very happy. Hey, if it works I’ll paypal you a bit of money.

Email me if you’re willing to help and I’ll let you know the phrase.


/ Tamarin
- tamarin4747(at)

  ade.h 18:44 12 Apr 2006

Would it not be easier to use WPA instead?

Also, can you tell us what kind of wireless adapter you are using? Built-in, USB etc? What brand? This makes a difference to whether you can use hex at all.

  Aargh 19:51 12 Apr 2006

How about a factory reset to clear all your settings and start from scratch - assuming you know the password to get into the setup utility page? Saves giving out details to us strangers!

Once you've reset the router go for WPA encryption & write down the PSK!

  mgmcc 07:38 13 Apr 2006

<<< Email me if you’re willing to help and I’ll let you know the phrase. >>>

Why don't you connect to the router by ethernet cable, access the wireless settings and set up the encryption again, making a note of the key?

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