Belkin Wireless Router keeps dropping packets

  Mosser212 22:10 07 Nov 2006

I have a Belkin Wireless router, model number F5D7230-4 V2000UK. I have noticed that it slows down every now and again whether I'm connected to the internet or another machine on my network.

In checking a few things I've discovered using the command ping -t that it regularly drops packets, and other suddenly slow in response time from 10ms to in the region of 120ms.

Does anyone have an idea as to what is causing this? And, if there is a fix/workaround available?

Thanks in advance!

  dms05 08:09 08 Nov 2006

Does the WiFi only slow down? What happens if you connect by LAN cable? If it's the WiFi only try moving the Belkin a bit and if this doesn't work try selecting another WiFi channel on the Belkin. You may be experiencing interference and changing channels may help - try each in turn (1-11) until things improve.

  Mosser212 14:46 08 Nov 2006

Thanks for your reply! I appreciate any help you can give.

In answer to your questions, yes the slow down and loss of packets occurs via the wifi and with direct cable connection.

I have had interference problems in the past though as there are 7 other networks in my vicinity, but they all operate on channel 6 or higher. I'm using channel 1 to keep out of the way and prevent any overlap.

Since posting this I have read somewhere that there are bugs in the firmware that may be causing this, but I checked on the Belkin site and I have the latest version, so I'm praying its not related to these.

Do you have any other thoughts as to what this could be?


  dms05 09:46 09 Nov 2006

The fact that it slows down even when used as a local network suggests the problem might be the router itself.

  Mosser212 12:00 09 Nov 2006

Ok thanks, I was afraid of that. Do you have any recommendations on alternative routers?

I use Skype quite a bit and the loss of packets can cause some awful sound quality at times.

Thanks again!

  Iron Maiden 07:06 10 Nov 2006

If it is the router get it replaced. Belkin routers have a lifetime warranty

  Mosser212 11:22 10 Nov 2006

Thanks I will contact them about it, but if the reports I've heard about errors in the firmware I am a little worried that a replacement is not going to be any better.

If I don't get any joy from Belkin, does anyone else have any recommendations for a good replacement?

Thanks for all you help, once again!

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