Belkin Wireless Router 54g not installed properly?

  Rabi 23:40 08 Sep 2004

Purchased new Belkin Wireless Router 54g Model F5D7230-4, 5 units, to provide wireless connection for 5 different sites, with PC cards, notebook adaptiors, all by Belkin.
Followed all the instructions step-by-step in the Quick Installation Guide, and the User Manual, no step was skipped
However, after the "Easy Install Wizard" finished "examining" my settings, the next window was the "finished"; instructions indicated that the hardware must be installed after the examination was complete, and then, I would see the "finished" window; anyway, I continues with the hardware installation EXACTLY as instructed to.After this, there was no "check", and no "configure" as indicated by the instruction manual. So I clicked on the "finish" button.
1. The Power Led was a solid green, indicating router ready.
2. The WLAN was solid green, indicating Wireless Network ready.
3.The LAN port-status LED was orange, indicating 100Base-Txdevice connected.
4. The WAN Status LED was orange; there is no explanation in either manuals for this colour.
5. The "Connected LED" was blinking green, indicating router attempting to connect to the internet.
i was unable also to connect to the internet using the PC, no page would display. Meanwhile, the DSL LED's were all as they should be, indicating a good and proper DSL link withthe ISP.
Eventually, I reset the Belkin Router, no joy.
I disconnected the Belkin Router and then the PC was able to connect to the internet with no problem, which is how I am sending this mesasge; would be grateful for advice on what to do next!

  Rabi 01:11 09 Sep 2004

The Belkin Router is jumping frmo Step 1, "Examine", to the last step, which is "Finished".
I tried the install again, but the same result. Can anyone please help?

  mosfet 10:06 09 Sep 2004

Had the same last week.In the end,disconnected all,PC's router modem. reset modem & router.Power on modem first,then router then PC's one at a time.All went OK this time.

  Rabi 14:14 11 Sep 2004

No, didn't wotk.
Still jumps from Step1 (Examining) to Step 5 (Finish). Doesn't, Hardware,Check, and Internet.
Anyone with similar experience???

  pj123 14:19 11 Sep 2004

Just installed this on a friends 2 computer system on Wednesday 8 September. Went exactly as it says on the tin. No problems whatsoever. Did notice that the WAN led was a flashing orange and not a steady green. Took no notice and everything is up and running with no problems.

  Rabi 21:22 11 Sep 2004

Okay, you got the same flashing orange, and not the steady green I got; but did your setup also jump from Step 1 to "Finish"? If it didn't, then that would be the difference. You see, also with the Belkin connected, my DSL modem, though showing all the correct LED's, will not browse the internet. I have to disconnect the router before I can browse.
If your set-up did jump those steps, but yet is working, wow, then I AM double confused.
Please let me know in response to my above.

  pj123 12:57 12 Sep 2004

No, it didn't go from Step 1 to Finish. It went through all the steps. I didn't connect the 2nd computer until I made sure that the PC with the router on was working OK first. Then once that was done I put the card in the other computer switched on and it found it all by itself. Both running on the internet OK.

  Rabi 00:42 13 Sep 2004

Ok, it os working now, but unfortunately it took a visit from my ISP technicians to get it up and running nicely.
Router had to be configured manually.

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