Belkin wireless router

  remind 14:52 26 May 2006

Is there any reason why I should have a problem accessing the configuration page at when the router is connected to the pc via a cable, but not connected to an ADSL line (Page Cannot Be Displayed)? Does it have to have an ADSL signal before the page can be accessed, unlike my Netgear non-wireless cable router?
I realise there isn't much point fiddling with configuration if the router can't `see` a working internet connection, but I don't have an ADSL enabled line here...

  ade.h 15:58 26 May 2006

No, you don't need an active ADSL line to get into the config UI.

Is this a new problem, or is this your first attempt with a router that you've just recently purchased?

Try the obvious first; use a different browser or minimise your security settings (script blocking for example) though I have to say that I can access my Belkin config with scripts blocked. I just tried it to see if it has any effect.

  remind 16:17 26 May 2006

Thanks for the reply, I just needed to know if I was doing something wrong; I'm setting up a second hand router for the first time - my own Netgear cable router was fully accessable but the Belkin wouldn't allow me to open the configuration page, even though
it was allocating a correct IP address to the PC.
Resetting the Belkin seems to have cured it.

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