Belkin Wireless G Router - No Internet connection

  brainbow 23:15 07 Sep 2006

Hey all,

Bought a Belkin Wireless router today.
Model F5D7632uk4A v6000uk

I have my wireless netwoek up and running. i.e. I can access the router to change settings, etc without a cat cable. I have followed the ISP setup which is real simple....

Problem matter what I do ( in about 3 hours ) it says No Internet Connection.

I as with BT and have entered the correct username and password....the rest of the details it puts in for how can I be going wrong???

I have an old non wirless router that I can plug swop over and the internet works straight away!!! Put the new one on and no internet connection again..

Any ideas??

  ade.h 23:54 07 Sep 2006

It is likely that you are doing something wrong, either in the new connection's advanced settings or in your approach to the router's configuration. Make sure that you follow the PDF to the letter.

  Ash88 10:50 08 Sep 2006

just to clarify when you connect to the network it runs for 3 hours?

  FelixTCat 11:15 08 Sep 2006


Make sure that you are using the correct username and password for the broadband connection; it is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as given.

I suggest the you connect the old (working) modem again and copy down EXACTLY every setting in the adsl page. Then swap back to the Belkin and copy in all the settings again. DON'T rely on "the rest of the details it puts in for you", whatever IT might be.



  TomG 12:10 08 Sep 2006

If you go to the support page at Belkin's website they give you the settings for the major isps.

have you tried BTs support?

  Input Overload 19:02 08 Sep 2006

You need to enter the information below from your ISP:

VPI/VCI values: Sometimes referred to as 0.38 - (Mine0/38)

Encapsulation type: (Mine VC-MUX)

Connection type: (Mine PPPoA)

The default settings as I remember are not what my ISP uses or UK standard, so go through each setting carefully.

  brainbow 10:48 10 Sep 2006


Thanks for your turned out that I had done nothing wrong!!!

The device needed a firmware update, without this it would never connect to the Intenet. This couldnt be found on the website I have to get their customer help to send a link to me.

I know computer equipment is complicated and frought with issues but honestly....a router that you buy from a shop that can never work until u upgrade it with a patch!! made me laugh..

thanks again all for you kind advice,

  ade.h 15:39 10 Sep 2006

Are you sure that you didn't get the wrong end of the stick or that your informant was exaggerating? All the earlier versions of the 7632 have been fine; I use one and have installed a few of them in various revisions. It is one of my preferred routers, even in preference to the 7633. If there really was such a significant issue, surely a recall would have been issued by now, and I have not heard of one.

  gadgetsmith 23:02 26 Sep 2006

anyone got the link for the firmware newer than v600?

  ade.h 00:17 27 Sep 2006

No such thing as v600 as far as I know. click here and have a look. That's all the 7632s.

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