Belkin wireless G installation problems....

  BigVertigo 21:43 17 Dec 2007


I had a search of the forum but couldn't find anything that quite matched up to my probem, so I apologise if I've missed a thread that deals with this.

Ok, here's the problem. I recently moved house and had to set up a wireless connection on my wife's laptop (ISP is Virgin Media) all of that was straightforward (hence why I am able to access the internet now).

However, in order to connect the desktop pc I had to buy a wireless card (Belkin Wireless G Modem Router WG311 I think).

As instructed I ran the CD first, then shut the PC down and installed the pci adapter. Then, I restarted the PC, now, according to the instructions, the Windows 'found new hardware wizard' should have run automaticaly, and the installation should have completed, but it didn't, and there lies my problem.

I have a pc that recognises the wireless adapter, will connect to the network, but then tells me there is 'limited or no connectivity'.

It's driving me mad!! How do I complete the installation in lieu of the 'found new hardware wizard' not running??!

I hope this hasn't been posted before a thousand times and I've just missed it, but all this computer speak confuses me, I am but a thicko, dabbling in a world of technical gobbledegook (ie, if you have a solution, please keep it simple!!).

Many thanks in advance if you can help.


  Kemistri 23:18 17 Dec 2007

"As instructed I ran the CD first, then shut the PC down and installed the pci adapter."

But to install a PCI card, like almost all types of hardware, you would fit the card and boot the PC - nothing else. That's how the New Hardware wizard will be triggered. Very rarely do you ever have to install the driver first - those days are long gone - and you certainly never need to do so for a PCI LAN card.

Please ensure that you do not install any management software, which I suspect you may have already done, so remove the software and the adapter (not physically, of course) and start again. Only use the CD to provide the driver.

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