Belkin Wireless Adapter Problems

  TicTacToc 12:06 15 Oct 2006

My Belkin Wireless F5D7000 PCI adapter is giving me problems. The factors:

* 65% of the time I have no problems.
* When it is playing up my 'speed' drops from 36-54mbps to 1-11mbps. THis causes slow choppy internet and sometimes it disconnects.
*If I bring my laptop into the same room its 'speed' is fine.
*It seems to happen at random.
*I have tried different channel numbers.

Any ideas?


  TicTacToc 14:19 15 Oct 2006

no one? :(

  philly73 14:55 15 Oct 2006

i hope someone can help as i have exactly the same problem

  Peants68 15:25 15 Oct 2006

Is there anything like brick walls between. My signals vary as well and seems Belkin PCI adaptors are weak signal wise. Have you tried a USB adaptor. Try moving the PC (if possible) to obtain a clear path to the Router. That is if router is placed somewhere away from the PC.

  TicTacToc 15:45 15 Oct 2006

Peants68, I would assume I had signal problems if the problem was constant but it doesn't seem to be. With absolutely no reason or change of anything it drops to very low levels for an hour or two, and then the next 4 hours everything is working fine e.t.c.

So I'm not sure whether signal problems would mean it fluctuates so much. .

  Peants68 17:49 15 Oct 2006

Could be strength of your internet connection. A lot of people on your line at once could diminish it. Also have you made sure your PC adaptor arial is in a straight up position? That can also reduce the signal.

  Peants68 17:56 15 Oct 2006

Additionaly, your laptop either has a built in wireless capability or wireless adaptor. Mine sits at a different height from the PCI adaptor and very often when there is no connection on the desktop to the internet, I have no problem with the laptop. You didn't say where your router was positioned.

  TicTacToc 18:50 15 Oct 2006

There are only me and whoever is using the laptop on the line. I haven't noticed any difference to the speed whether my laptop is being used or not.

My pci card arial isn't vertically upwards (more like 70 degrees :P) but I'm running caseless so I'll fiddle with it next time I shut down.

My laptop has built in wireless capability. My router is 1 floor below where my desktop is. The signal is always around 4 out of 5 bars.

Thanks very much for the help.

  Fingees 19:08 15 Oct 2006

If you have a pci card with an aerial mounted on the back, it might well be the cause.

I had one and accidentally broke it by pushing the computer against the wall. I Contacted belkin on their free helpline, nd they sent me a new aerial for free which now sits on top of the computer, and the strength has considerably improved.

If as you say, Your Router is below the PC, it would be better to have the aerial horizontal on both the computer and router. as the RF polarization could be affecting it,if you are any distance away, with a floor in between.

Obviously if on the same level, then the norm is vertical

  Peants68 19:16 15 Oct 2006

Experimenting with different locations/positions of the router and or PC's might help. Sometimes takes a frustratingly long time to get it right. Anything between the router/Pcs will obstruct the signal.

  ed-0 19:49 15 Oct 2006

Which router do you use?

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