Belkin UPS software = slow startup

  rickd 11:15 23 Jul 2006

I'm running a Belkin uninteruptable power supply which has a 15 min or so battery to overcome the common blips in supply we seem to get where I live in the wilds (I'm told it's cows scratching themselves on poles!, but it's also lightning like yesterdays). It works great, but the software runs at startup and delays getting to the desktop everytime for a full 60 secs. I guess its communicating with the UPS (via a USB) to monitor battery condition etc. The software is also designed to shut down the PC safely if the power remains off for a certain time so its quite useful to have it installed.
Is it normal for it to take 60 secs to run this service when I boot, or does anyone else have the same thing and it work quicker? i.e is it a software problem with my PC, or just what it takes? Any tips on doing it quicker?
I guess 60 secs isn't really long to wait, but I'd rather not if I didn't have to - gazing at a blank desktop even for a minute always seems like an eternity.

  VoG II 11:30 23 Jul 2006

I have one of those with the software installed and it does not slow down my boot time. The only difference is, mine is connected with a serial cable rather than USB. If yours has that facility maybe it might make a difference. Or you could uninstall the software - it will still function as a UPS without it.

  rickd 12:35 23 Jul 2006

Yes, I've been running it without the software for a few days (which is how I know it was slowing things down), but if I could get it to run with the software, but without the 60 sec delay I'd be happiest. It does have a RS 232 socket option, but where do I plug that into my PC?
Out of interest, what version software is yours, mines 3.22, maybe a different version might work better.

  VoG II 12:44 23 Jul 2006

Mine is V 3.2.19.

The RS232 cable should plug into the serial port at the back of your PC - it is unlikely there is anything else plugged into it.

  rickd 12:55 23 Jul 2006

Like the unused monitor socket on the MB? That's the only one I have (other than the one on the GFX card)

  rickd 13:34 23 Jul 2006

I tried 3.2.19, but it doesn't seem to have the power management software (at least it didn't run when I installed it). Does yours have it?? I'm sure the delay is due to the PC communicating with the UPS, but why it should take so long I don't know.
So I guess I'm left with the choice of startup speed or full control.

  VoG II 13:41 23 Jul 2006

Yes, mine has the power management software. It is one of the first things to load when I start my PC (after AV and firewall) and whilst the splash screen stays open for a while (NOT as long as a minute), other startup items continue to load.

  ade.h 14:45 23 Jul 2006

You do not need the software: with a USB interface, Winows Power Management is perfectly capable of detecting when the PC is running without mains power, monitoring the battery level and hibernating at a percentage threshold set by you. It behaves as if it were running on a laptop.
So if the softwar really is causing problems, uninstall it.

  rickd 15:02 23 Jul 2006

I reinstalled the latest PMS software from the Belkin site, and this seemed to change the order in which things loaded, so now I got striaght to the desktop, the PMS icon appeared in the tray along with Norton (Hurrah!), then the intenet connection seemed to drop, both Norton and the PMS icons got a red cross, the PC stopped responding, and this stayed for 1 minute, then they both icons came back as did the internet connection. So instead of staring at a blank wallpaper destop for 1 minute, I now get to stare at a useless one. D'Oh!
So I'll take ade.h's suggestion and see if I can set up hibernation like a laptop!

  ade.h 15:06 23 Jul 2006

With the USB cable in place and the UPS powered up, go to the Power settings on the Screensaver tab of Desktop Properties; you'll see and extra column of settings for running on batteries. Go to the Alarms tab to set your thresholds and behaviour - I set it to hibernate at 30% power to be on the safe side.

  rickd 15:27 23 Jul 2006

I don't seem to have a column for running on batteries under screen saver. If I go to the power options, it says the UPS service is currently stopped (it said that before I unistalled the belkin software). How does it know its connected to the UPS? Is there any MS software I can download to do this (I'll look)

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