Belkin Surge protector claim

  Drum 17:31 17 Apr 2008

Had a lightning strike, result of which my broadband modem no longer worked. Eventually got a new modem from my excellent ISP, PlusNet, who only charged £6 99 for the postage, but will charge me £50 for it if I leave them in the next two years. Fair enough!

Discovered that my phoneline wall socket had been fried, also the microfilter US.
My new modem came with new microfilters and cables etc and works fine, but won't work if I connect the phoneline via my Belkin surge protector, so I suspect this is knackered to.

Question ... can I claim from Belkin for a new surge protector? ... and what else?

No receipt of course for the purchase some two years ago!

Found a website for, but can't send in the details as only USA and Canada listed?
They ask lots of questions about your current house insurance etc which I'm not keen to give as insurers tend to regard any loss whether claimed for a not, as a good reason to hike up your next premium.

Should I just buy another one and move on?

  VoG II 17:40 17 Apr 2008

Belkin United Kingdom - European Headquarters

Belkin Limited
Express Business Park
Shipton Way
NN10 6GL

Tel: +44 (0)1933 35 2000
Fax: +44 (0)1933 31 2000

+44 (0)1933 35 2000

Customer Service/Technical Support
0845 607 7787

  Drum 17:47 17 Apr 2008

Thanks VoG, will phone them tomorrow and report back.

  QinesiQ 18:46 17 Apr 2008

I am sure Belkin wil help you with this.

I made a successful claim for a surge protector which got tripped (by a surge no doubt) and no longer offered the surge protection. My claim was via their website. I found them very helpful. unit came with a lifetime guarantee so I did not need POP even though I had it.
try: click here - can't remember if i made an rma request or via claim form. anyway there’s a live chat function.
if your surge protector came with a guarantee that included attached equipment then i seem to remember reading that you can claim for these too up to a certain value.
hope this helps.

  SB23 18:52 17 Apr 2008

I contacted them a few years back to ask as to why the little green and red led's on my protector should all of a sudden be very dim, if not working at all.
The response was to ask for the model no, which I emailed back to them, and although she could not explain why the led's would dim etc, the answer was a replacement in the post.

Needless to say contact them.

  Drum 12:14 18 Apr 2008

Thanks folks, for a great response and I think I'm sorted now. Have printed of a claim form and will post the unit shortly.

  ktheed1 19:07 18 Apr 2008
  Drum 10:13 19 Apr 2008

Oh wow, I'm absolutely staggered at how helpful this company is.
I printed off a claim form following the link that QinesiQ gave, but as I didn't have a receipt for my unit and had a few other questions I phoned up the phone number that VoG gave me. After only one phone menu option and a wait of only five seconds I was greeted by a very chirpy young lady who was most helpful and took down a few details saying that they would send me a replacement straightaway, and that I should return the damaged unit in due course.

I was well pleased with that response but now I even have a Belkin customer services member joining in in this discussion offering me further help.
Companies like this should get some sort of award!
Many thanks everybody. :-)

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