Belkin Router Password Lost!!

  mark3986 22:22 24 Dec 2008

hi guys ive got a belkin wireless router and ive forgotten my password to get into the settings online and theres no opion to reset it any ideas wot do?Merry Xmas all!!

  Technotiger 22:28 24 Dec 2008

Download and run click here then click on Secrets in the left-hand column - you might see your missing password.

  rdave13 22:33 24 Dec 2008

If you've forgotten your password to log in to your router page then you're stuffed. If you've never set a password then leave it blank and press enter.
Otherwise you'll have to re-set the router and start again.

  ambra4 22:48 24 Dec 2008

As listed in the Belkin User Manual: -

“Use the reset option in instances where you may have forgotten your custom password”

Resetting the Router will restore the Router’s normal operation while maintaining the

programmed settings

Resetting the Router

Push and hold the Reset button for one second then release it.

When the Power/Ready light becomes solid again, the reset is complete

Restoring the router to Factory Defaults

Press and hold the Reset button for six seconds then release it.

When the Power/Ready light becomes solid again, the factory default restore is complete.

  rdave13 23:43 24 Dec 2008

Good instructions. I'm always wary of helping to access routers incase things arn't what they seem from the poster. Obviously most posters are geniuine but at some time they won't be. To re-set to factory settings might be the only advice to stick with I think.
This has no bearing on mark3986 but there has been quite a few queries about routers and passwords recently.

  crosstrainer 06:46 25 Dec 2008

The re-set option is the way to go, but you will need your ISP's settings to re-configure...Who are you with? We can post you a link with the correct settings.

  woodchip 10:43 25 Dec 2008

There should be a Pinhole at the back of the router to use a Paperclip then its most likely Password is admin

  cocteau48 12:26 25 Dec 2008

The default password setting on my Belkin is "Leave Blank" so once you have reset it you should not need to enter a custom password to proceed.

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