belkin router dropping connection

  longwhatton34 12:09 20 Jan 2005

My Belkin modem/router keeps dropping its network connection. This has only started happening in the last couple of days. I recently moved from Wanadoo bb (they were messing me about and it was taking weeks longer than they said it would to transfer my connection) to Tesco, which is PPPoA instead of PPPoE (might make a difference) and since they reconnected me on Tuesday 18th Jan (was also having problems with them), my router drops the network connection but my settings look fine. I'm confused.

  Chezdez 12:13 20 Jan 2005

wireless or wired?

  longwhatton34 12:16 20 Jan 2005

wireless - 2 desktops and a laptop. mine has belkin pci card and the others have linksys usb adapters. never happened before when we were with wanadoo and didn't happen before the tesco connection went off (i had to threaten them with cancellation if they didn't sort it)

  Chezdez 12:30 20 Jan 2005

is it dropping the connection to all the computers, or just one or two of them?

as for the PPPoE and PPPoA, you use PPPoE if your connecting via modem, and PPPoA if you connecy via a router, so you will have been using PPPoA on both wanadoo and tesco

can i have some more technical info on the router and the wireless cards please e.g. are they 802.11b, .11g etc etc


  longwhatton34 12:39 20 Jan 2005

the pci card is 802.1g and the usb adapters are 802.11b. i configured my router as pppoe for wanadoo (had no connection problems in 6 months) as there was an icon to click to open the connection. the tesco is pppoa as there is no icon and the router logs in as soon as a browser is opened (i enabled the dial on demand function). this is what i understood anyway... however it's annoying when downloading or viewing/listening to something and it cuts out, although it does always seem to reconnect straight away

  longwhatton34 12:41 20 Jan 2005

oh and the router is set up as following: pppoa, timeout 32767 minutes, dial on demand, and logs into primary and secondary dns

  TomG 13:48 19 Feb 2005

Have you tried talking to Belkin?

There are 2 numbers: 0080022355460 and 01933352000
they are open 24/7

  longwhatton34 15:21 19 Feb 2005

The problem actually seems to have sorted itself out. May have been teething difficulties. Thanks.

  anchor 16:45 19 Feb 2005

I have been getting this recently with a Netgear DG834G connected to Pipex. Reading the Pipex section of the ADSL forum, it seems that lately connections are dropping all over the place.

I suspect the problem was with your ISP, not your router. Hopefully, they have sorted things out.

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