Belkin Powerline Problem

  Madcooie 15:12 16 Nov 2009

Hi All,

I've recently purchased the Belkin Powerline HD, and unfortunately have run into a problem wherein it won't work with any plug other than one on the router/1st Adaptor's ring. So whilst the router is usually located on the first floor of my home, during working hours, i have to move it downstairs which is an inconvenienc as all the printers and NAS drives used for work purposes are linked in through said router.

Question: Without using a long ethernet cable and keeping the router located on the first floor (bearing in mind i would like to server 2 pc's off the internet connection) is there a way to supply internet to the the office whilst having the router remaining in the same place?

I know my explanation is perhaps not the best, so if i can clarify points for anyone, please ask the pertinent questions, and i will answer as best i can.

All the best,


PS - I live in an old house and walls are thick, wiring prehistoric!

  T0SH 22:49 17 Nov 2009

Most houses have at least two ring mains of plugs one for downstairs and another upstairs providing both originate from the same electricity supply point and meter this should not give the powerline adaptors problems provided the distance between nodes is not to great

The only other problem I know of is that some older large properties that were maybe once split up and used as flats may have multiple electricity supply points and meters which could be fed from different phases of the incoming supply cables three phase system ?

This should not be the case in a domestic property though

Cheers HC

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