belkin password help.! forgotten password

  eza1986 13:16 19 May 2007

i have purcharsed a belkin adsl modem with high-speed mode wireless router. It took me a while to set up but finaaly done it only one problem i cannot put a secruity onto it to only make it availble to the 2 computers in my house. And another problem i cant actually log into the site "" it wont let me log in i dont remember putting a password but when you follow the instructions it tells you that if you havent put in one then just press submit but it tells me that the password is incorrect!!! so now everyone else near me can actually access my wireless when im using it so if anyone can help me please :)

  AndySD 14:04 19 May 2007
  barnabus 14:58 17 Jul 2007

I've had exactly the same trouble, having just bought a new laptop. Suddenly, I'm being asked for a product key that I've never had and...well you know the rest. Hope you can help!

  eza1986 22:14 17 Jul 2007

hi i still have no idea totally lost and still have no security on my wireless so its open to anyone to long onto it would really appreciate any advise or help and the belkin wireless modem routers are so stupid !!!! let me know if you have any luck?

  barnabus 16:07 18 Jul 2007

I don't have the option of having an unsecure connection - all I get asked for is this password and then when I can't provide it, I don't get on to the WEP (secure site) so I'm snookered!

  leveblue 18:22 18 Jul 2007

It sounds like you may have the same router as me. I have just made mine secure after having it for nearly two years. I unplugged everything and started from scratch using the install disc, expecting that I had missed the “make it secure step” the first time round.

However, after reinstalling, then trawling through the on-disc manual, then entering “” in the browser address, everything went to plan.

I would have thought you should be able to log onto the belkin site regardless. Your not putting an extra full stop at the end or something like that are you.

Just tried it again and went straight to the belkin router set-up utility page.

You don’t need a password to access the site/set-up page. Once on the site you need to click Security in the Left hand column. On the Log-in Page where it says Password, It says underneath: Default = leave blank. Just press submit and you should automatically access the Security Mode Page where you can enter your encryption, as page 54 of the on-disc manual.

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