Belkin & NTL Problems, please help.

  oskarr 15:59 31 Dec 2005

Have just purchased a belkin wireless usb adaptor, and have ntl cable modem plugged into a wireless belkin router. I can get a good-excellent signal, and can get on to the net, but when i try to download a file, after a few seconds, i lose the connection completely, and the usb adaptor can no longer see the network. I then have to unplug and reconnect the adaptor. Anybody have any suggestions as to the problem?


  LAP 18:54 31 Dec 2005

I don't think you have this quite right. Wireless I take it to mean no cables connected to any computer. If your belkin router has its own modem, in which case your belkin should have a power cable and a phone attached and nothing else.

  oskarr 20:01 31 Dec 2005

There is a seperate cable modem, which is connected to the router via an ethernet cable, and i am connecting to the router with the wireless usb adaptor on my computer.


  mgmcc 20:28 31 Dec 2005

<<< If your belkin router has its own modem, in which case your belkin should have a power cable and a phone attached and nothing else. >>>

NTL's "Cable Broadband" service is not delivered via the phone line and it doesn't use a combined "Router/ADSL Modem". A "stand-alone" (Cable/DSL) Router connects by ethernet cable to the supplied "Cable Modem".

  mgmcc 20:34 31 Dec 2005

You could try giving the USB wireless adapter a fixed IP address in the same subnet as the router, i.e and see if that helps. Something like:

IP address -

Subnet mask -

Default Gateway - (the router's IP address)

DNS Server - (the router's IP address)

Something else to try is to change the wireless network's channel number. The default is usually Channel 11; try changing to "7" or "4".

Make sure your wireless kit isn't close to other wireless devices, in particular a cordless phone. being close to central heating radiators can also cause problems with the wireless signal.

  LAP 10:21 01 Jan 2006

That told me

  aman_vtr 11:55 02 Jan 2006

i also have this problem with the belkin wireless g router. it just seems to power off. it not only does this with the wireless connection but also with my other PC that is hard wired to it. i will try the above change but plz let me know if u have fixed the peoblem. thank you

  alfarick 13:11 05 Jan 2006

Is your router running hot? It could be faulty. Mine ran really hot and kept switching off, I exchanged it at PC World and the new one stays cool all the time with no power offs.

  MattEllis 11:30 11 Jan 2006

I had the exact same problem, I exchanged my usb adapter for the wireless network card, problem solved.

  fredhead40 16:19 13 Jan 2006

Not sure if this helps but have you checked the power management tab in the usb properties as there is a tick box that allows windows to manage your USB's in order to save power it automatically switches them off.

Good luck

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