belkin N1 firmware

  gidster 16:25 09 Jun 2011

hi ive kept this seperate from my other question in the forum as the last one had a lot of questions

my firmware at the moment is F5D8231-4WW2.01.27 but on the belkin site theres another one witch is f5d8231-4 v4000 ww v4.00.09.bin

my question is this,is it newer? just that when i click check for new firmware on my routers web page it says theres not one.


  Vintage90 18:03 09 Jun 2011

I'm not sure you have the exact model number posted, but check the link below, and the complete number on your routers package or on the unit itself.

It SHOULD not allow you to update to an older version

  gidster 15:27 10 Jun 2011

well this is the page i went to

and this is my router belkin N1 wireless router F5D8231-4

  Crosstrainer2 18:56 11 Jun 2011


  gidster 12:33 12 Jun 2011

well should i update it to the one whats on the site, sorry if im being a bit thick but im not good with this stuff.i just dont want to make things worse.


  Crosstrainer2 06:40 13 Jun 2011

Yes, download the file, and log into your router, and update..... Sorry, I've been busy over the weekend!

  gidster 15:01 13 Jun 2011

hi me again.

think ive cocked up i reckon my wireless router is version 1 because on the botton of the router it says Belkin Router N1 wireless Router model no F5D8231-4 ver 1000uk so im guessing its version 1 , i was thinking the -4 meant version 4 am i correct?

if so on the website it say theres version: 1.01.23, OS compatibility: Any, size: 3 MB and mines F5D8231-4WW2.01.27

isnt the one ive already got higher?

sorry about this.

  gidster 15:06 13 Jun 2011

also on my routers web page in the version info box it say this

Version Info Firmware Version F5D8231-4WW2.01.27 Boot Version v1.06 Hardware F5D8231-4 v2 Serial No. 200639R8105585

so this confusing me even more.

  Crosstrainer2 15:10 13 Jun 2011

Still try the update it won't hurt.

  gidster 15:31 13 Jun 2011

which do you reckon version 2 or 1 ?

  Crosstrainer2 15:35 13 Jun 2011

If you return to 1 you won't get anywhere really. Go for 2 and if it wrecks the router I will buy you a new one!,

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