Belkin N Wireless Modem Router - connection???

  catherine2008 10:22 29 Apr 2008

I need help!

I bought a Belkin N Wireless Modem Router (Part no: F5D8633uk4A) and can’t get it connected.

I have unplugged the cable from my old modem and put it into the new modem router labelled “to wired computers”; the problem begins when it tells you “locate the cable that connects your old modem to the ADSL wall jack. Unplug it from your old modem and then connect it to the port labelled ‘to ADSL’ on the back of the new modem router”, the modem I use for talk talk broadband, only has one cable out the of the back of it that goes to a ADSL filter and then into the phone jack and the other wire is a USB port and goes into the laptop.

I have contacted Belkin and they haven’t even replied yet! Can anyone offer any advice? (There was an extra phone wire in the box with the modem)

  Forum Editor 17:22 29 Apr 2008

is a cable that has the small square connector at each end - not the flat BT phone connector type. Your ADSL filter will have one flat socket for a normal phone, and one square one a bit like a computer's ethernet socket. You need to plug one end of the cable into that socket, and the other end into the same socket at the back of your router.

Does that help?

  catherine2008 17:42 29 Apr 2008

Thanks I've got that pat working, now its saying my TalkTalk details are not correct, which they are! Any idea?

  Forum Editor 18:07 29 Apr 2008

Your TalkTalk login details. It's worth double-checking that you have typed your username and password correctly, you would be surprised how many router problems are the result of the caps lock key being on, for instance.

Apart from that, have you got all the lights on the router lit up - apart from the final connection light?

  catherine2008 18:49 29 Apr 2008

All details are correct, I've checked about 20 times. The lights are lighting up correctly the way it tells you they should in the manual, I've disabled Nortons when trying to get it to work and still nothing.

  setecio 19:14 29 Apr 2008

Have you included the

  catherine2008 19:22 29 Apr 2008


  setecio 09:07 01 May 2008

You do realise that your new Belkin means that you don't need the old talk talk modem ... unplug it and put it in a drawer out of the way.

Just writing this as I wasn't sure if you were trying to connect it into the belkin , as it won't work.

  catherine2008 09:37 01 May 2008

Yes I know I dont need to use it, I have the Belkin one up and running, with all the right lights flashing, it just says now that my talktalk details are not correct and they are.

  setecio 22:44 01 May 2008

Username will be your phone number
Password is case sensitive

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