Belkin modem problem

  gav223 09:42 20 Mar 2009


I have moved to Dubai from the UK and taken my Belkin F5D7632-4 with me.

The people I am staying with also have a belking modem in there room, but it is a different model.

There are ethernet sockets in all the rooms which are connected to a main system downstairs.

On there modem they connect an ethernet to ethernet cable from the socket to the modem and it works fine.

Due to mine having an ADSL line input I have had to buy an ethernet to adsl cable, but when I turn the modem on nothing works.

Is there a way around this or should I just buy a new modem.

Many thanks.

  mgmcc 11:46 20 Mar 2009

It really isn't very clear what you're trying to do. If the people you're staying with have a *MODEM* connected to the internet, then all other computers will get their internet access via a *ROUTER* used in conjunction with their *MODEM*.

You cannot connect your Belkin combined "Router & ADSL Modem" to ethernet sockets simply by inserting an RJ11 (phone) to RJ45 (ethernet) adapter into the circuit.

>>> Is there a way around this or should I just buy a new modem.

I'm not sure that you aren't confusing a MODEM with a ROUTER. A Modem is the device that connects to the internet service, either DSL over the phone line or Cable. A Router allows multiple computers to connect simultaneously to the internet.

The hardware you need depends on what the ethernet sockets in the rooms are actually connecting to. If they already connect to a Router, then all you need to do is to plug your computer directly into the socket for internet access.

  gav223 13:34 20 Mar 2009

Hi mgmcc.

Thanks for clearing that up, I now know the difference between everything and will try and explain in more detail.

The house we live in is very big and the walls are solid and about 9" thick.

The modem is connected in a small room downstairs and has about 14 ethernet inputs for all the different rooms in the house.

There are 2 routers, 1 downstairs and 1 upstairs.

However I cannot pick up a signal from my room.

I have connected an ethernet cable to my desktop pc using the the ethernet socket in my room, but my wife also has a laptop that she would like to use.

I wanted to connect the router to the ethernet input, so I could then connect another ethernet cable to the PC and also have wirless for the laptop.

I hope this is clearer.

Many thanks.

  gav223 10:27 25 Mar 2009


Has anyont got any ideas for my problem.


  mgmcc 11:52 25 Mar 2009

I missed your previous reply. You can connect a wireless Router to the ethernet socket so that you can have a "wired" connection to your PC and a "wireless" connection to your wife's Laptop.

However, this would need to be a "Cable/DSL" router, which *DOESN'T* incorporate a Modem and which has an ethernet connection for its WAN port. It then connects directly with an ethernet cable between its WAN port and the wall socket in the room.

Your existing Belkin, which is a combined "Router & ADSL Modem" is *NOT* suitable for this purpose.

Additionally, the Router you connect to the wall socket would need to operate in a different Subnet from the existing Router, to avoid an IP addressing conflict. For example, if the router you connect to via the wall socket has an IP address of so that it allocates addresses to connected computers in the range to, you would need to configure your router to have a different IP address such as, so that it allocates addresses between and [Note: it is the third octet (number) of the IP address which must be different from that of the main Router.]

Does that make sense?

  gav223 11:59 25 Mar 2009

Thanks very much mgmcc.

I now fully understand how it all works.

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