Belkin g router and Speedtouch 330

  DAI2000 21:20 10 Apr 2006


I have purchased a notebook with the idea of wireless connection to my existing broadband. I am using a Speedtouch 330 modem.

However; the Speedtouch conects to the PC with a USB plug only, and the Belkin wireless G router is only equipped with ethernet sockets. Hence the CD installation disk gets me to the point of connecting... and I can't.

Am I missing something here? Perhaps I should use an adaptor? Are they compatible? Solutions? Help?

Thanks for your time. David

  mgmcc 22:40 10 Apr 2006

It sounds as though you have bought a stand-alone "Cable/DSL" router which is suitable for use with Cable broadband (NTL & Telewest). For ADSL broadband delivered via the phone line, you need a combined "Router & ADSL Modem", which replaces your current USB modem.

  DAI2000 08:36 11 Apr 2006

Hello mgmcc,

The speedtouch 330 was part of a standard BT/yahoo broadband package that my father bought.

At my house I have a combined wireless adsl/modem I bought from the BT shop.

Given that my father has a USB modem; can ethernet and USB been interchangeable? I know Belkin sell a USB/ethernet converter (F5D5050 USB 10/100 adaptor). I wonder whether this is suitable? Thanks.

  mgmcc 09:22 11 Apr 2006

No, that is a "Network Adapter" that runs from a PC's USB port - it would let you connect a PC that doesn't have an on-board network adapter to a hub/switch/router. You cannot connect a USB broadband modem to a router, period!

There are theoretically two options for using a router with ADSL - (a) a *COMBINED* Router & ADSL Modem or (b) a Cable/DSL Router in conjunction with an *ETHERNET* ADSL Modem.

The second option is extremely difficult to set up because Cable/DSL Routers usually only support PPPoE protocol (PPP over Ethernet). In the UK, ADSL uses PPPoA protocol (PPP over Asynchronous Transfer Mode), hence the reason it is recommended to use the combined Router/Modem.

  DAI2000 09:34 11 Apr 2006


Thanks for the clear answer. Situation clear now. Thanks.

  Aargh 11:21 11 Apr 2006

Buy a Belkin F5D7632-4 adsl modem/wireless g router or similar - cheap & reliable.

Wire your pc to it with your ethernet cable and wifi the laptop. Then have hours of fun configuring your home network!

  jab43 19:41 11 Apr 2006

Aargh, just done that, laptop which is wifi enabled works OK, PC is getting broad band info, but a frustrating weekend and I am still unable to get info to monitor of PC. Must I have anything else but the ethernet cable from router to PC. Our is it just getting PC settings right.Both machines are running XP Home service pack 2. Thanks in anticipation

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