BELKIN G+ Router -problems with ethernet cable

  clicky 23:24 08 Jan 2007

I have recently bought a Belkin g+ router to connect my main computer downstairs to one upstairs.I have gone through tutorials/guides and it has told me to connect via an ethernet cable. It does not register with this at all, but does with the USB cable. I have tried to contact blueyonder broadband support and they said they do not support Belkin. Can anybody help me with my dilemma please? This has been driving me crazy for ages.

Thank you

  Giggle n' Bits 01:57 09 Jan 2007

ok I understand you have a Belkin Router is this a ADSL Modem Wirless router ?

You have a PC downstairs and another upstairs.
What is the upstairs pc ? is it a Laptop with built in Wireless ?

Going back to DS PC, I take it were talking WinXP Home or Pro ? please advise.

  clicky 22:53 09 Jan 2007

Thank you for your response.

My Modem is quite old, but I have been told by my internet provider that it is fine to use. It is a surfboard SB4100 cable Modem.Not wireless.

Both computers are desktop with xp installed.Downstairs (main ) computer has Home Edition and the one upstairs has Pro.

As mentioned, I have been through the tutorials but it cannot find an internet connection via the ethernet cable. The USB Cable works as normal without being connected to the router.

  Hawy 23:08 09 Jan 2007

I wonder if this site might be of use click here

  mark2 07:10 10 Jan 2007

If changing your method of connection, or even the PC/router connected to the modem you MUST power down everything at the wall switch, modem included, then reboot modem > router > pcs

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