Belkin G+ MIMO Wireless Modem Router

  shadow101 08:05 01 Oct 2007


Got one of these at the weekend as I have a completely wireless network. I can get d/l speeds of 975Kbs and the network is quick and reliable. Problem I have is that the Modem Router Has transfer speeds of 108kbs as
does my network adaptor. However the network speed is only showing 54 Kbs (in the toolbar bottom right). Am i missing a setting or something?

  Ashrich 09:07 01 Oct 2007

Set the modem router to G+ only in the wireless set up page ( on the router ) plus any speed enhancements it offers ( up to 108 ) then do the same for your PC from device manager , under the advanced tab , you'll be able to select the same speed and enhancements , just make sure they match . Ok your way back to the desktop and re-connect , also make sure you saved your settings on the router before doing the settings on your PC .


  shadow101 20:37 01 Oct 2007


doesnt have a setting o change to G+ Just G B or both. Doesnt seem to have any changeable speed setting. Changed he adaptor and router to G only but stil the network is only 54 mbs. Anyone any other ideas?

Its definatel a G+ Mimo modem router as it says that all over the box...

  Ashrich 22:12 01 Oct 2007

The only thing I can think of as I don't have one of these , although I have just read through the PDF for it , is to try changing channels ( 6 springs to mind ) as there will only be one channel that runs at 108 , have a look at the software for the adapter and the router set up .


  shadow101 21:02 02 Oct 2007

okay tried every channel, mybe will have to contact belkin as thier support link isnt working.

Stupid question One option is 802.11g + 802.11b im working under the assumption that the + sign means and ??

  Ashrich 21:18 02 Oct 2007

Yes , the plus simply means " and " 11b , including the "b" means it won't work at the full speed of 108 if it does support it , and I must admit , when reading the manual I couldn't find anything to suggest it supports 108MB/S transfer .


  shadow101 08:09 03 Oct 2007

it doesnt say it on the box (speed) but when i looked it up on on a couple of websites it said transfers data at 108Mbs. Also, When I looked up the G+ technology it looked like that automatically mean 108mbs.

Either way do you know what the difference would be if the network runs at 108 or 54 . Would it be that noticeable? The G+ Mimo router was , according to the guy who sold it, faster than the Belkin 125 MBS G Router which was being sld for the same price.

thanks a lot for your help , you have been really helpful.

  shadow101 08:11 03 Oct 2007

click here

Posted this link so you can see what i mean.

  shadow101 10:05 03 Oct 2007

Okay Just read through the Manual carefully and apparently this router does only run at 54Mbs despite what the website says.

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