belkin easy transer

  aitch2 16:07 14 Sep 2010

In the process of going from WinXP computer to new Win7 computer and have already made all the backups on a WD-External Drive.
However, have seen the 'Easy transfer lead', so am wondering if it is as good as they say. Apparently, it's compatable with vista and WinXP. Anyone have any thoughts as to whether it's good buy or not?

  john bunyan 16:18 14 Sep 2010

I do not know, but what I did was to make a copy of "My Documents" folder , which has all my self generated data in it on a USB HD. Then reimported it after a clean install of W7. The other thing is eMail. I switched from OE to Outlook, but this ia a seperate subject to reveiw. You have to install other programmes from original discs. If you have kept downloaded bought programmes,these could also be copied to the external HD.Not sure of the advantage of the lead to which you refer.

  aitch2 16:34 14 Sep 2010

Have all the program discs so transfering has not been a problem in that sense. However, have got quite a lot of other stuff to transfer over, not only my docs, but other files etc.

If poss, have a look at this;

http//click here


  john bunyan 16:43 14 Sep 2010

Sorry, I had not properly read your post, and had not realised you were buying a complete new PC - I wrongly assumed you were installing W7 on the old one. This bit of kit looks quite good, but maybe someone who has used one will comment. Do decide on your eMail system as W7 does not use OE.

  aitch2 16:53 14 Sep 2010

Haven't got around to the email change yet. Already she's complaining as I swop them back and fore for her convenience, under the desk, wires and leads everywhere and legs in the air (mine not hers!). With a bit of luck might be finished over the next week so you can see why I'm looking at other options!

  onthelimit 17:55 14 Sep 2010

Some useful advice here click here re XP to W7 Easy Transfer.

  robin_x 02:33 15 Sep 2010

Don't forget to export all your favorites/bookmarks from your browser and take them with you.

When you have new PC all configured and working, use W7 backup and restore/create system image to your ext hdd. And create a boot cd/dvd when prompted on completion.

(You can also use Acronis (pay)/EASEUS Todo Backup (free) or a WD utility from th website (not sure if free) to make an image.

If you have space make an image of a relative clean install, before you put lots of apps on your system.
(W7 only alows one at a time)then another, say with EASEUS, when you have more stuff installed.

Images are a hell of a lot quicker and more convenient than Factory Restores.

W7 is a bit of a learning curve. Do have a hunt round Tips and Tricks sites/pages

The following may be useful/interesting:

click here

click here

click here

click here

And finally, even with transfers and backups to an ext hdd, do make a set of (factory) recovery
DVDs (probably a set of three and a single boot CD/DVD). Every m'fr has a different utility to do this. I think Acer charges for discs on some models though. I've only ever had Compaqs and I don't know what you have so you will have to investigate yourself.

Have fun.

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