Belkin disconnection issues.

  cocteau48 09:01 26 Aug 2008

Having had months of trouble free service from my Smart AX modem but requiring to go wireless I have purchased a Belkin G Modem Router.
Installation and secure wireless connection was a breeze and d/l speed through the wireless connection excellent.
I used to leave the SmartAX connected 24/7 (as there was no effective way to disconnect it via the set-up pages) but I am finding that if I do the same with the Belkin I have lost my internet connection first thing in the morning. I cannot even access the router set-up pages and it has to be rebooted to do so.
Should I be using the disconnect function available within the set-up pages before powering down the system at night? .... and I have also noticed that if I do disconnect and close down the browser.connection is automatically re-established when I re-open the browser ... is this normal?

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