Belkin default reset? More problems...

  Canas 01:35 01 Oct 2007

I was fiddling with the settings after connecting via webpage on my Belkin N1 router, and I accidentally switched off NAT.

Now, one would assume I could just reconnect and change it back, but nothing I do can get me connected to the page. My wireless doesn't work, nor can any other computer aside from the main terminal connect. The "modem" light on the Belkin is blinking orange, and the "internet" light isn't on at all.

Is there any way to reset all my settings to default and erase the memory of the Belkin externally, or just any way I can get back in to my settings? Several people rely on my network.


  ambra4 03:40 01 Oct 2007

You have to reset router back to factory default

At back of the router is a small hole mark reset button press and hold for 30 sec reboot router by power it off an back on

You will now have to do a complete new install of the router/wireless

  Canas 08:17 01 Oct 2007

I was able to reset it to factory defaults with your help, and able to connect to the router using the IP.

Only the same problem persists. Other terminals still cannot connect, and the modem light continue to blink orange. I could no longer connect using the main terminal either, even after restoring all my former settings. After narrowly avoiding putting my fist through my monitor, I disconnected the router completely.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have no idea how to fix it or what is wrong anymore.

  ambra4 16:05 01 Oct 2007

What belkin model # router??

And list the router setting that you was using

  Canas 23:42 01 Oct 2007

N1, F5D8231-4.

The settings were fine, except NAT was switched off. After the reset, NAT was back on, and I changed all the minor unimportant settings back to what they were.

I'm thinking that coincidentally my router might've got fried the same day, but it doesn't seem likely

  ambra4 01:34 02 Oct 2007

If disconnect the router and connect direct to modem can you access the internet

  ambra4 01:43 02 Oct 2007

If you can access the internet from the router

Have you try rebooting the modem with router off

Turn off modem and router, connect router to modem

turn on modem wait 2 min until modem is active turn on router and see if the light turn blue

  ambra4 01:45 02 Oct 2007

Sorry first line "should say access from the modem"

  ambra4 01:50 02 Oct 2007

What make you thing the router got fried was there a power surge, lighting, in the area??

  Canas 19:38 02 Oct 2007

I managed to fix it through several experiments.

For some reason the router had a fixed DNS, and it should be automatic through my ISP.

Thanks for the help

  ambra4 20:41 02 Oct 2007

Glad to hear all working again


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