Belkin access point settings

  mtwollet 09:52 30 Jul 2011

Good morning I have a Belkin FSD7130 wireless access point connected to a netgear wired router which is working fine but as I recently bought a Kindle I needed the password to allow it to use the WIFI, Unfortunately I forgot the password and I had to do a complete reset to wipe the password. The problem is now I have an unsecured wireless network and I can't access the router setup page on Finally the question, do I need to access the setup page over the wireless or can I get via the router from a wired connection and how?. Rgards and thanks in advance AG

  onthelimit1 09:45 31 Jul 2011

It's not the router you need to set up, it's the access point. Manual here

1: http://Belkin FSD7130 wireless access point

  onthelimit1 09:46 31 Jul 2011

I'll try that link again!

link text

  mtwollet 15:48 31 Jul 2011

Thanks for that, I did mean the access point but got a bit muddled - Just read the manual and I haven't been changing my IP to the same subnet . so Ill try that later when I get a bit of peace. Regards AG

  mtwollet 15:04 01 Aug 2011

Thanks onthelimit1 all sorted now - amazing what a bit of peace and the right manual can do Regards AG

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