Belinea problem

  Grandee 17:32 04 Jul 2003

Got a Belinea 17? 10 30 70 monitor, had it for about 3 yrs. Was using W98 at that time, now XP, never any problems till about a year ago ? online at times & the display just disappeared. Power-on light still green. Tried power-off then on but no difference. Now happens about once every 8 weeks but the blessed thing did it twice today, both times when online. Can?t remember it happening offline. I sometimes, not always, get 'no signal received'. Do I need a new monitor? TIA!


  SEASHANTY 21:33 04 Jul 2003

SVGA cable pins, maybe, or possibly the video/graphics card intermittent fault. Check the cable pins. Even try removing and reinserting the graphics card in its slot (either PCI or AGP). Monitors tend to go completely when faulty - not intermittently fade away. Have you a spare graphics card you can try? Belinea tend to be fairly reliable. I have a Belinea 15" TFT (Albeit with a dodgy red pixel) but the trusty old 17" Belinea is unused on the shelf - but it still works.

  Grandee 11:57 05 Jul 2003

Thanks, Seashanty, but I suspect I don't have an actual graphics card - could be in with the motherboard? Hardware queen I ain't! Might contact the maker to ask.


  SEASHANTY 14:24 05 Jul 2003

If its connected to the oblong section at the rear of the case - the rectangle part which fuses with the motherboard outputs like parrallel and serial ports, mouse and keyboard inputs, USB ports then you most likely have onboard graphics integrated with the MB. Most of the graphics cards today come with a TV out socket, perhaps also S-VHS socket as well as the SVGA plug outlet for monitor cable. Some cards are quite cheap whilst others would set you back the price of a good PC. Hope you get the prob fixed.

  Grandee 21:19 07 Jul 2003

Thanks again, Seashanty. I think it's the first option that you posted. Have temporarily solved the problem by buying a 2nd hand laptop just for email (business reasons) so if it goes kerr-plopp permanently at least I won't be stuck!


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