Belinea Monitor - please look at specs - any good?

  vaughan007 14:39 10 Oct 2003

Hello all,

Can any one please tell me if the following monitor is any good.

Belinea 108080 22" Monitor.

The full specs are at the link below...but as I know very little about monitors I was hoping whether someone could tell me whether it was worth getting one (my current monitor is a bit tired).

Heres the full specs click here


  woodchip 16:21 10 Oct 2003

It depends how much, it supports two computer as it's dual signal i.e. it should have a switch to change from one to the other. Mine does

  vaughan007 22:32 10 Oct 2003

Thanks for the response...but I am not too sure what you mean by dual signal etc!

Its a second hand one from where I work (mint condition, and 3 years manufacturers warranty and never used...its only been switched on once to check it works)...I thought about offering them £150 for u reckon thats a good price as there are a few of us at work after it.


  woodchip 23:20 10 Oct 2003

Three years is a long time as computer equipment goes. The link you provided said that it was dual signal. That may mean it is like Mine, it takes BNC colour cable and a D cable so that you can connect two computers to one monitor if there is you should see lots of connecters other than just the normal D monitor connecter at the back of the monitor plus there will be a switch to change from comp to the other

  clayton 23:22 10 Oct 2003

£460 monitor good if you get it for £150, will you get it on your table ???

  woodchip 23:23 10 Oct 2003

Just had another look yes it's like mine you can connect two computers to the monitor and switch between them

  vaughan007 02:04 11 Oct 2003

Yes it will just about fit on the table!

There is no reason why I should not get it for £150..the other people interested at work are real tight wads!

I am surprised it is £460 worth of monitor as I have never heard of this monitor before and could not find a UK supplier for it anywhere...Now you have said that I will stretch to a bit more...but only if I have to! :-)

Thanks once again.

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