Bekin and VISTA

  zism 12:23 10 Jun 2007


I have installed a Belkin F5D7632UK4A version 1000uk on my vista laptop. However it keeps bluescreening. When I uninstall the software and return to my static connection I do not have this problem. When I then reinstall the Belkin software it bluescreens. Belkin are insisting that this router is Vista compatible but I am not convinced!

Can anyone give me any other suggestions?


  Forum Editor 19:43 10 Jun 2007

that might be worth installing:

click here

This may not be of much help, because it affects the router, rather than the laptop, which is where the problem seems to be. Does the router establish a connection with your ISP correctly?

  mgmcc 08:50 11 Jun 2007

What "software" are you installing in the PC for the Belkin Router?

A router isn't *installed* in a PC, either as hardware or software, it is a network device to which computers connect using an ethernet connection (wired or wireless) and TCP/IP protocol. You shouldn't have to install anything. There may be a wizard on the CD to help with configuration, but the router can be configured manually by typing its IP address ( into you web browser.

  zism 20:28 12 Jun 2007


I am using the 2 CDs that came with the router to install. Im very new to wireless and not totaly au fait with all the technical terms (sorry!)

I tried the link above but it does not appear to be for my router but the F5D7632uk4A

zism :~/

  mgmcc 22:15 12 Jun 2007

Did the router come with a "bundled" USB Wireless Network Adapter? If so, one of the CDs will be the software for the adapter. The other probably contains a wizard to help set up the router (but doesn't install anything) and possibly a PDF format manual.

If this is the case, and as your laptop is almost certainly "wireless-enabled" anyway, you won't need to install the adapter or its software.

  zism 07:43 13 Jun 2007

yes it came with the USB Wireless Network Adapter. I followed the steps on the leaflet that came with the router.

should I now just plug it in without running the CDs?

  Killo Bite 00:23 15 Jun 2007

against your device their is a Firmware patch to make it Vista compliant.

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