being a little cheeky here

  jonnytub 20:12 04 Jul 2004

but i'm in a bit of a predicament, this was posted in consumer watch forum (i know wrong forum, wrong site, but you guys always help the needy) click here , but i was kinda wondering whether you guys had any experience of this as the same could be applied to pc bits n bots, would appreciate any help as i wanna tell littlewoods where to go, thanx guys n gals

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:40 04 Jul 2004

Littlewoods are within their rights to insist on a repair as this is the first time that it has broken. It is not their fault that the machine is AWOL. They should take the machine back in and arrange for the manufacturer to repair it.....however being pragmatic may be more sensible and you may find it quicker and better to 'phone the manufacturer yourself; I have done this on a few occassions and the response has been terrific and much speedier than returning the item back to the retailer.


  jonnytub 22:17 04 Jul 2004

thanks gandalf, but i was wondering if i was entitled to my money back rather than a repair, i get the feeling not.

  Forum Editor 22:23 04 Jul 2004

as have several others. Please don't run two threads on the same subject.

  Totally-braindead 22:23 04 Jul 2004

There is a time limit on refunds I think its 30 days but I'm not 100% sure on that. I don't think you can expect your money back as you've had it too long.

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